Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


Why don’t you tell us about how minorities are to dumb to find DMV or voting booths…or how they need white people assistance just to survive.


Not sure where this came from?


Just can’t believe that racism exists can we?


She is a politician running for president. She will always remind people of legislation she has authored. She is speaking about the urgency of putting the bill on the floor, she doesn’t seems to express concern with it’s passage.

Again it passed unanimously in the senate there is zero reason to believe it wouldn’t pass again. It passed without this incident. To think Jussie beat himself up (some posts here claim that) to help get this passed is ridiculous.

Further this conspiracy also seems to insinuate that some cons here don’t want to see this passed into law and I don’t understand why?



My comment was strictly about this conspiracy and not about what you are asking. It just to the false flag narrative right away. Why? Because the OP just cannot believe that this type of racism exists. If it’s not that then what is it? Does the OP not want the anti lynching bill to pass and is mad because he think Harris set this whole thing up to get it signed into law? (Even thought it would be signed into law on its own merits)

And Of course I don’t believe anything you just wrote. Why would you think that I think black people are dumb and that is why they can’t make it to the DMV or voting booths?


2 AM on a Tuesday.

No buddy. It is more likely that if the guy even got beat up its because he was out at 2AM looking for sex and made eye contact one too many times with the wrong guy. He then got the shit kicked out of him like the guy that made the Marwen town. To hide the fact from his friends, family, or boyfriend that he was out looking for a big dick at 2AM, he made up this story.

Maybe life should not be so brutal but it is.


I watch this scum Smollett character peddling the next fake race story and I think this is why the blacks will never succeed or think highly of themselves. He’s a failed actor so uses a lie of being a victim for attention. Blacks show how easily they are manipulated by scum Dems and will never get off the Dem plantation. The Dems have destroyed the black race forever. They can’t escape the victim hood…it’s now in their genes. The scum media has also been destroyed by Dems.




Wait you think that the only way to buy rope and use it at 2am is to purchase that rope at 2am?! Hahahahahahahahahaha


Considering that the area where he was supposedly attacked is wall to wall surveilled by camera, yet there is no video of the assault… Smollet would certainly not be the first to pull this nonsense - Claremont coll. proff painting swastikas on her own car, the Duke La Crosse team, and many many more. Smollet’s career should be al gone, but the left wants so desperately for this to be true that they’ll swallow anything he says.


Lol :rofl:


No, we find it improbable there were two guys wandering around with rope at 2 am in minus thirty degree weather, looking for this guy specifically or blacks in general to commit a symbolic lynching on.


Well Jussie was out. At least 2 other people were out in that weather. They could have waited until it was warmer to stage this. Why now?


Desire for sex is a strong drive.


Yeah, decide to go to nearby park to enjoy your sandwich and watch the ducks/geese at the pond in peace when a queer comes up wanting to give you blowjob.

Good fucking way to get hurt.


Let’s go with your conspiracy… does that mean he deserves to be assaulted?


Wow, the cops found two people, walking, at night, in Chicago, rock solid proof everything went down exactly like he said it did.


Did I say they did it? Look at what I replied to before commenting. His conspiracy made him wonder anyone would be out at 2am in -30 degree weather. I simply stated at least 3 people were out.


I know what you were replying too, I wrote it. You left something out, out at 2 am, in the frigid cold, with a rope and some bleach looking to commit a mock lynching. Which is not remotely the same on the scale of improbability of being out for any number of other reasons.


You know what story I would find believable? “I got into an altercation with a couple of guys, heated words were exchanged, I called them inbred Trump loving hicks, they called me a nword and an fword, punches were thrown”. Put the order of who started it on either party. That’s believable. Guys roaming the streets of Chicago with pre-tied nooses wearing ski-masks and Maga hats, doesn’t even begin to pass the smell test.


Placing bets that he just got mugged and added on the MAGA shit to gain publicity for his dying career.