Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax



Fucking bastard… still the prog libs’ darling.


16 felony counts - he won’t be able to shed more of those faggot crocodile tears to make those charges go away.


I doubt if he’s sentenced to anything more than 300 hours of shining White people’s shoes.


He should face the full-weight of the law for his conspiracy. I’m sure the FBI will offer a plea deal should he select to expose any advisers behind any conspiracy. It will be interesting to see what takes place and who he is connected to. Is Kamala Harris or Obama behind this? Only time will tell.


All I can say is … Bwahahahahahaha … How do you like your salary now Jussie? YOU are going to jail … I hope you like it rough lover boy. :point_right::ok_hand:


Too stupid to be quiet, too uninformed to be loud.


Aw man Dis some boolshit





Nothing says class action suite better.
Turn the tables around.


He’d best be investing a whole lot of that fortune preparing for his new role as Prison Bitch, and KY.

He’s going to be eaten alive and used as a sex toy for the foreseeable future.


Did I post the what socialism is jpg where the dropped soap was the free stuff prematurely?


Still waiting for the heaviest shoe to drop, using the mail to send himself a threat and white powder that turned out to be Tylenol, is what will really see him do time.


And that’s a Federal beef … no early release without a Presdential commutation.


He may soon face a federal indictment for mail fraud. When one gets a federal prison term, one serves ALL OF IT! No early release.


Go back and watch this guys GMA interview in light of the fact he was making it all up, man that’s some brutal karma.




FBI running cover for Smollett


This whole thing is a joke, If jussie smollett was a white man, they would have thrown the book at him

If jussie was a straight black man and did that , they would have given him the Dinesh DSousa treatment

But because he is gay, black and stupid, all the leftists comes to his aide.

And they say justice is blind… bullshit

There seems to be one for Gays, transgendered, visible minorities and another for straight non leftist people


The Left cannot afford more awareness that racism is so down in this country that more and more folks feel the need to fake hate crimes in order to keep the narrative going.

When you face so little bigotry that you’ve time to whine about inanimate statues or place names but you need bigotry to keep folks in their camps that the Left places them you’ve got self-imposed problems, not real problems.