Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


There were 8000 hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2017 by agencies using UCR or NIBRS. The data comes from the initial incident report from the agency. It does not reflect hoax reports, cases that are dropped for various reasons, or cases that go to trial and the suspect is found not guilty or acquitted. The agencies do not send follow up reports to the FBI regarding these cases.

And I know this because I ran the UCR unit of a large Florida Sheriff’s Office for 3 years.


You still don’t seem to understand the difference between a hate crime and a reported hate crime.


That is nonsense. There is no assessment as to the possible racial motive when a black person commits a crime against a white person. Only when the victim is a minority and the perp white does the crime get the label “hate” attached to it. There are a great many people who sincerely believe that on white people can be racists and the Media and Civil rights groups perpetuate that falsehood.


Okay, now adjust those statistics by racial demographics.

It is interesting that (by your stats) about half of hate crimes were attributed to whites and 21% were attributed to blacks when whites are about 70% of the population and blacks are only 13%. That means on the face of it, blacks are 2-1/4 times more likely to commit hate crimes than are whites.



should have been 249,500,890 for white population

3230/249500890 = 1.294 x 10E-5

That makes blacks about 3.15/1.3 = 2.42 times more likely that whites to commit hate crime.

Thanks for the correction. I hate to distort statistics.


There is an adage: “Figures lie and liars figure.”

Statistics out of context are often used to distort the truth.


Equal protection under the laws only applies to minorities. Come on now. :wink:


When you add math and logic to the discussion who would of thought it can have such a silencing effect on the misinformation campaign regularly perpetrated by obtuse individuals?


Here is a perfect example. Give Laquisha reparations, @Pragmatic ; she only hit the old man with a fucking brick.

When leftist media reports that hate crimes are up, they will blame Trump. What’s the liklihood that Laquisha is a Trump supporter?


“Reported”, not “confirmed”.


Looking at the just the wounds we can see you need to add “multiple” if not “numerous” times.


That doesn’t even remotely resemble a “fact”. What is a fact is that whites are far more likely to be prosecuted under hate crimes statutes no matter what the circumstances of the crime were.


So called HATE crimes are a ploy to divide the working class and generate billable hours for lawyers. Calling a crime a new name does not make it more or less malicious and wrong.

It does institutionalize the idea that all people are NOT created equal.

I hate HATE crime law.



No, there were 8000 reported, their final disposition and how many were ultimately actual crimes is unknown.


If there’s any flaw in that logic I can’t find it. Hate Crimes laws were specifically draw up to divide us along racial, ethnic, and religious lines and violated the very premise of Equal Treatment and Equal Protection Under Law.


They attack the basic tenet of American Constitutionalism. Lawyers mostly know this and laugh at the dupes that accept it.


You don’t understand what it’s like to be marginalized, okay? Mike Pence paid for the Jussie Hoax.


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