Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


I answered your dumbass question in the next post.


Cut ‘em a break, it’s a lot easier to manufacture a racist incident than to find a real one. :wink:


There were 4000 race based hate crimes in 2017… how many were manufactured?


Of those? Probably 3999. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you can back up that number with a reliable neutral source. And follow it up with corroboration that the reported crimes were proven to be motivated by hate.

I’ll wait …




Black people killed by black people far outnumber black people killed by white people. There’s no hate there? They kill with love in their hearts?


Most of em…
Prove otherwise.


What kind of people are “disappointed” when they find out a young black man WAS NOT lynched ?

The kind that thrives on racism and lies.


Ok lets use that criteria even though twenty plus armed agents were unnecessary to prevent flight risk or preserve evidence, two could have served that purpose. Why was Jusssie less of a flight risk or less likely to skip town?


Psst, Mexican isn’t a race.


I thought we’d been over this. Go watch schoolhouse rock, a bill does not become a law by passing the Senate or even by passing the Senate and the House, you seem to be forgetting a step.



Don’t get me wrong, I completely see that side of it. If he offered any kind of apology it would only be because his attorney told him it may help with sentencing. If he offered an apology and came to truly see how his actions were selfish, hurt others and he was truly remorseful and ashamed of himself then that would be different, IMO.

The left has gone way off the deep end. Nothing new about lies, attacks on republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters. People are pretty sick of it. What Jussie did is just another nail in the coffin. I’ve come to expect this kind of behavior and suspect we’ll continue to see a lot more of it.


Let’s compare the coverage this fake news got compared to oh, this.



Since libs are so inclined to fake shit…

They will orchestrate a double false flag racial hatred crime.

  • Set up a fake crime.
  • Accuse white MAGA.
  • Make accusation suspicious.
  • Wait for conservatives to object and cry “another smollett”.
  • Let investigation proceed.
  • Investigation reveals highly unlikely but apparently real white MAGA perpetrators.
  • Go on offensive with “we told you so” media blitz.
  • Create new laws that incite racial hatred.

Now this will require some careful planning, maybe a patsy, and maybe even some “collateral damage”. This is all important to progressive libs.



He was the one that used it for his hate hoax.


The story was riddled with holes from the start. Anyone that isn’t blinded by partisan SJW idiocy could see that.


THAT was hilarious!!