Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


They’re still pissed that the bitch lost the election! :rofl:


Rumor has it that Jussie yelled this himself - lol


Forget the race and sexual orientation aspects of this, the guy is too dumb to breathe on his own.


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We have no cookies today.

I do have some macadamias and white chocolate chips though!



That will work. :wink:


All that cookie stuff just gets between me and the really good stuff!


I actually can’t remember the last time I had a cookie. :open_mouth:

Lifestyle changes have seen me cut out most of that stuff.


We already seen it in the Las Vegas Massacre! Interesting that no one talks about that anymore? Why is that?


What exactly is there to discuss? A crazy old man got his hands on a bunch of guns and shot the hell out of the place then killed himself before the police could get to him.


Seriously dude? Oh man! You really don’t like to accept more than one point of view do you, just what is spoon fed to you as being what the truth is?


Spoonfed? I followed the case closely from day one onward until the final reports were put out.
I’ll stick with the fact vs the conspiracy nut bullshit.


YOU must must be a real joy to be around with at parties! Only confirms that you basically have a stuffed potato stuck up your ass, like discussing the bible topic with you all over again, you simply can’t accept alternative views on anything! Thanks for proving that yet once again I almost forgot who I was talking to! Have a nice day you old closed minded fart!


What point from that incident (that has not already be discussed ad nauseam) do you think applies to this thread and why do you think it should be discussed further?


He was not old. :rage:


Right on, Samm! * fist bump * :heavy_heart_exclamation:


It might help if you read for context!

“Now this will require some careful planning, maybe a patsy, and maybe even some “collateral damage”. This is all important to progressive libs.”

Do you feel everything in that case was satisfactory explained by law enforcement to give peace to the victims families? Do you accept the final conclusions? I wonder if you yourself is personally connected or have associations with any of the victims families?


Yes. I understood your response. It’s as good a theory as any. Not sure why @TWR and @Samm are on your case about it. I didn’t mean to start a rukus… just saying libs are devilish and cunning in their false flag ops.


Well, I know most intelligent reasonable people who don’t feed conspiracy theories would agree that the Las Vegas massacre was not possibly perpetrated by one person shooting a gun from a 32nd floor window. Add in the many inconsistencies with the narrative and subsequent available information that LEO provided the public at the time including the FBI refusing to provide info or make any public statements, on motives and its not hard to understand why the family members of the victims are still looking for answers. I know I would.


There were also multiple eyewitnesses who said they saw (not heard, saw) multiple shooters on the ground and stage lights turned on the audience after the shooting started. Not to mention the fact that every exit was sealed in the concert area before the shooting even started. Several of those same exits which were not blocked on previous nights the same show had been held. I haven’t been to many concerts, but I have yet to be to a single one where all of the exits were blocked preventing anyone from leaving. How about you?