Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


The alleged crime occurred in Chicago so comparison to murders in Chicago is appropriate. In fact, that it did occur in Chicago was the first inkling that the story didn’t smell right. Who on Earth would believe that two white men would be roaming the streets of Chicago at 2 am on a cold winter night physically asserting that it was “MAGA” Country?


It isn’t about “people” it is about the media who are supposed to report the facts as they come in and remain unbiased in doing so.

You would have thought the Covington episode would have been a lesson. It wasn’t.

What the the MSM has and continues to demonstrate is they are so consumed with TDS that they cannot be trusted. In fact, they mislead, jumped on the bandwagon ignoring facts that did not suit their narrative and purposely did not report both sides.

Jussie played the left leaning MSM, played the Hollywood elite and played on emotions in general to create attention for himself using the most contentious means possible.

It is about the same level of exploitation used by Elizabeth Warren compliments of Native American Indians (who she has always treated like dirt) but used for personal gain.

Should these reporters be put in jail? No. Let them keep running as they have until their credibility is worth as much as the National Enquirer with a recent “Elvis Sighting”.


I will say again good job to the Chicago PD.

With all that they have to deal with I suspect they don’t have the time, the patience or a care in the world as to who Jussie knows, who Jussie is or what social justice cause Jussie wants to play upon.

They investigated; did their job without bias or succumbing to outside pressures or influences. As it should be and as reporters should emulate.

It is a shame that the time and manpower spent on this hoax could have been spent on a real victim who needed help.


Look is with the race hustler then runs away when asked about Smollett?



Forget Jussie.

What the heck? A limo waiting for her? Where is her smart car? :rofl:


Yep! She is being pimped by Sharpton!


He also needs to reimburse Chicago PD for the man hours spent investigating his case.


I hope he does some hard time for this and is forced to admit that he lied about the whole thing. He needs to apologize to the entire city of Chicago or for that matter the nation for the harm that he has caused. This guy is a despicable human being!


It is a sad thing for me to say, but I don’t care if he does hard time or not. I’d much rather see personal humiliation and shame make a come-back. Without that, his “hard time served” won’t mean a thing except for him to perceive himself as a martyr for his cause and well worth it.

We all know he did. No one really cares if he admits it or not. He lied. Fact.

No one cares. Actions speak louder than words. He would only be sorry that he was caught. He’d do it all over again a hundred times if he thought he wouldn’t be caught.

The real harm he caused was the man hours spend on his “case” in lieu of real and true victims of crime. How can a person with any conscience feel that their hoax and political statement is more important than a mother/father/sister/brother that has been truly harmed and needs help?


Hate crimes are not on the rise. The libs are saying they increased by 17% in the past year. We now know that there is only a 17% increase in REPORTS OF HATE CRIMES. Most of those reports are fakes and hoaxes.


Of course. Another manufactured crisis only they can solve. :roll_eyes:


Chicago PD does not agree with you. True he lied, but a public admittance needs to happen to reach a wider audience in order to set an example that democrats are liars. This is very important.

The real harm is falsely accusing Trump supporters, conservatives, and the President himself. This can not be overstated enough! Not to mention true victims of crimes.


Prove it… I won’t hold my breath tho


SALARY : hop on the new FAKE NEWS narrative, “Salary”

As we all know, it’s perfectly normal and common for employees who want more money in their weekly Salary, to hire 2 guys from Africa to dump bleach on them, we all know that bleach stains on your clothes garners more SALARY.

While the FAKE NEWS narrative is now that the entire Event was a Salary Dispute, it helps people forget about the entire TIMELINE:

JANUARY 18th or so: Jussie was down in Miami (CNN’s Ana Navarro admits to seeing him down in Miami)

JANUARY 21 (MLK Day) : Kamala Harris announces her Presidential Campaign, Kamala is good friends with Jussie

JANUARY 29 : The Nigerian Brothers said the attack MUST be done by January 29th. They wanted the attack done before FEBRUARY came

FEBRUARY 1: (Black History Month begins) Cory Booker declared his Presidency on February 1st

Kamala Harris was pushing Anti-Lynching Legislation, she then needed something in the News to promote that she is able to “get Legislation pushed through”, and she needed something to deflect attention AWAY from Cory Booker’s big Presidential news which was only days away… she needed the News Cycle all to herself before February came around… and along came Jussie being attacked on a sidewalk


@BasedSlav - thanks for putting the thread back on track. Bumping to the top as the shill is trying to slide this thread with the fake terror story.


It’s ok. He’s getting his ass handed to him there too.


Kamela needed this incident in order to push legislation that was already unanimously passed the senate? Hahahahaha


It took a few dozen chicago police detectives to prove thst you are jussie are liars.


How many will it take for you to prove that all hate crimes are fake?