Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


You are not reading the conversations you are replying to…

I replied to your buddy saying that pols should be jailed for believing this story. You replied to my reply where I mentioned the lies perpetuated by Trump and asked whether people who believed him should be fired.

So it is a relevant question, but you don’t have to answer. I didn’t ask you initially. You jumped into a conversation. Now either answer or jump out. Your choice.


What about this story made reporters who reported the news “biased”. Did reporters make something up that wasn’t given to them in the original story? If so, they should be at least removed for misconduct.


Again… you make Jussie proud when you post that. It is exactly why he did what he did… to help you make that post. Thank him, Prag. He did it for you.


This is how I know you have nothing left.

I am not sure how Jussie would be proud of me saying he should be in jail for being a dumbass. I would think he would be more proud if I were still defending his dumbass fake crime.


Watch the Tucker video above. What was it about this story that garnered so much more coverage than the hundreds of murders in Chicago?


Smollet’s defense should bring you to the stand. You were part of the crime. Smollett knew you would carry through with your attacks upon MAGA. He simply had to do his part. He is less to blame than you are. But he’ll do the time.


Oh I watched it… when in doubt talk about Chicago murders.

Almost all hate crimes garner more attention than most murders. I am fairly certain Chicago murders get plenty of attention on local news. Just like every gang murder in LA isn’t on cnn.

Why are domestic terrorist covered more than Murders in Florida? Why is a right to life March covered more than a gay pride parade in West Hollywood?

Why are gang murders covered more than domestic violence crimes?

Seems like news organizations have a choice of what news to put out. As long as they are factual, I can’t say much. If I feel like a new organization shows too many black murderers and not enough white murders and I can simply change the channel.


You should stop digging this hole… it’s getting embarrassing. You want me to keep defending him but I won’t… he needs to be swept off to jail and forgotten about.

Your logic is noted. I hope you don’t believe stories that turn out to be lies in the future. And if you do, I hope you have enough balls to stop defending the liar after the facts come out.


Terrorists are covered more because they present a danger to the country as a whole, since catching the terrorist doesn’t end the threat, the rest of the organization is still out their planning more murders. And lol, the right to life march got a fraction of the womens march coverage. This case was extensively covered for one reason and one reason only, it fit the liberal democratic operatives posing as journalists preferred narrative.


Of course you want him forgotten now, he got caught.


Exactly. When propaganda gets exposed…people should be fired, not the same as believing a lie.


Don’t worry Jussie Smollet will claim he suffers from some sort of depression. On to rehab instead of jail.

After the light sentence he gets for disorderly conduct, a book deal will ensue, he will go on a press tour for mental illness also claiming to be a “victim of systemic racism and homophobia.”


And then, it’s on to congress and a leadership position in the gay black caucus.


And a lobbying position after that.


Pretty uppity for just a high school education. I can see him doing the cake walk then.

And for those who don’t know, these are black people who are making fun of how white people dance… or at least how THEY perceived white people danced.
White people didn’t get all offended and cry racism. We enjoyed the show… so much so that there were contests and the winner received … a cake.
Jussie paid people to imitate how HE thought white MAGA people act. So… I guess the tradition continues. (Except he won’t get a cake :slight_smile: )


From Governor Huckabee:

Jussie Smollett charged with being a liar and fraud and making a lot of politicians and Hollywooders look like chumps. Why didn’t the cops surround HIS house with 29 SWAT guys at 5am and march HIM on his lawn w/ CNN tipped off and taping?


Why do cons love Roger Stone? Two completely different situations.




That was the most recent high profile case that involved the leftist FBI.


Tsk, tsk. We aren’t supposed to notice things like that. The left tells us so. :rofl: