Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


Wow! Just Wow!


He cried, just for libs. He knew they would turn his tears into Democrat votes.


I think the arrogant bastard still has a federal charge coming for mail fraud. I believe that is also a felony…and when you get sentenced to time in a federal court…you serve the time.

Buh-bye, Jussie! :rofl:

You’ll enjoy prison life…lots of male friends to keep you “up” all night!


In other words he now can look forward to becoming a boy toy in the big house!


I asked a simple question using your dumb ass logic…

Should people be fired for believing in a lie?


Big Boys named Bubba will change “Jussie” to Pussie"! :joy:


That was not the issue here. Maybe ask…

Should peoole be fired for using their constitutionally protected rights to propagate a hoax that falsely accuses people of crime?


Like yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater?


I’d rather ask a question like if a Constitutionally protected right is being used to commit or aid in the commission of a crime, is it still constitutionally protected? I already know why he didn’t though.


Nope… because again following your dumb logic…

Every con that believed pizzagate and propagated the story deserve to be fire. It was a hoax… not real.

Every con that chanted “lock her up” regarding Hilary of her “numerous” crimes and/or propogated a false story. Should be fired.

Every con who believed Trump when he said “I didn’t know about the payments” and propagated that story. Should be fired. It was a hoax and lie.

Is this what you want to start doing with this Jussie mess?


Not every con. Just every con in the media. But of course you know that.


Ahh you changed goal posts after Wiley mentioned the “constitutionally protected rights” part. Lol

My question still stands… a constitutionally protected right is free speech…


Gross negligence or willfull ignorance are your only options here. Good luck defending either of those.


Wrong. Your juicy didn’t accuse a political candidate or public figure. He accused ME…and other non public, non celebrity citizens. You are simply trolling now or very very bad at generalizing.


Gee here’s a thought. Maybe the press shouldn’t have broken the story until the police finished their investigation? It seems so simple and yet…


So is owning a gun. But if you use that right to commit a crime or protect a criminal, you cannot claim your right protects you from consequences.

Are you one of the paid defenders of Juicy?

Enough with you. You are not this stupid. The guy faked an attacked and blamed someone just like me… a straight white MAGA Trump supporter. Your lying MSN repeated the lie about me. This has little to do with statements about public figures, which is a topic in its own right with different issues at stake.

You must be trolling. Stop it. Admit that you are partly responsible for your gay black man to even create the hoax in the first place.


Keep moving those goal posts lol

You still haven’t answered my question.

Should people be fired for BELIEVING a story that turns out to be a hoax? For using their first amendment rights to express themselves on Twitter or on air?


That is not a relevant question.

If an armed robber is arrested for his crime, the relevant question is not “should a man be arrested for owning a gun?”


Does it look like I am defending him? I believed him when the story broke and I don’t believe him now that the police did their jobs. I was stupid. I won’t ever trust Jussie anymore. HE lied, not the “MSM”. That is why HE should be in jail. Now that we got that out of the way.

You are worried a lot about what Jussie did to you. However, although this was epically stupid on his part, this by no mean exalted SOME Trump supporters from their racist/homophobicacts. You act as if THIS was the incident that gave MAGA a bad name. This is one incident in a bucket of many. MAGA still has a PR problem.

If you have any issues with why there is a PR problem… talk to Trump.


They should be fired for pretending to be unbiased reporters when they are nothing more than democratic operatives posing as journalists. Unless of course, that is precisely what they are being paid to be.