Judge Says Trump Admin Not Moving Fast Enough Bringing in Iraqi and Afghan Special Visa Holders

Another activist judge trying to dictate to this admin what immigration policies to abide by. Enough is enough and time to start challenging these ideologues that have no business when it comes to National security.

SIVs are nationals of Iraq and Afghanistan who supposedly helped us during our long involvement in the Middle East. They are most often referred to as “interpreters” but they could have done any menial job connected to our military or connected to non-profit groups operating in those countries and be eligible to come here and be given the same benefits as refugees—which means of course virtually all social services.

So the US goes to war in some hellhole country and then, admitting we didn’t leave them a better government and a safer country, Americans are expected to reach out and welcome tens of thousands of their people to the US so that the next time we go to war, the military can offer a ticket to America in exchange for our largely unwilling presence in their hellhole country.

Sorry, I do respect our military, but this is going too far.

Since October of 2006, and as of a week ago, we have admitted 64,501 Afghan SIVs and another 18,677 Iraqi SIVs and so we are being told that over 83,000 is NOT ENOUGH!


I wonder why judges are always lefties? Our Judiciary are all loony-lefties too. My advice to The Donald, in the interest of National Security, is to ignore the idiot.

It won’t be enough until the entire country of Afghanistan is transplanted into the US. Even then, they will complain that we didn’t do it fast enough.

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I’m sure Trump will get right on that, with Jared’s help of course. The truth is Trump’s presidency has been irrelevant for over a year now. Ever since his 2019 state of the union where he said “Bring in the Most Immigrants Ever” - it’s only become more clear The Wall was always a lie. His #1 issue he has stabbed his voters in the back on. He doesn’t deserve to win again.

They aren’t, our judges are appointed by whomever the sitting president is as long as they can get them through Senate confirmation.

By the time he leaves office Trump will have appointed more judges than any president in history.

Horse shit, there’s a huge difference in legal and illegal immigration.

We need legal immigrants just to keep social security and medicare from collapsing and the debt exploding at a rate never seen before.

Natives are not even coming close to “replacement rate” because the last couple of generations have been averaging less than 2 children per couple.

We’re discussing the one in this particular topic aren’t we ffs? I get so pissed off with your splitting hairs and arguing just for the sake of it. I wouldn’t even mind that, but you’re so irritatingly know-it-all arrogant.

That I don’t know about because he just secured funding for another 1000 miles of new border wall, and there is a website dedicated with a transparent process that tracks the progress of the wall construction. I did provide that in a separate thread some time ago, so I am not sure where you justify your statement about his failure to build the wall when considering that he had a lot of resistance from Democrats, RINO’s, and activist judges. Considering all that, I give the man props for hanging in there and thinking outside the box to circumvent the roadblocks that were put in front of him both by House Democrats and the COC.

As far as the rest of your statement, this policy about Afghans and Iraqi’s was in place long before Trump took office so I am not also sure when you base this on and blame Kushner, but in a broader sense your criticism is not without merit considering that Kushner was not elected to office and shouldn’t be involved in deciding foreign policy.


Are you sure? I can’t imagine Trump of all presidents would have said that.

No, don’t you even read your own posts?

He proposed about 200k annual increase in legal immigration which is about 1/5th of the average annual totals of illegals over the last few years.

Economically we have to have immigration but societally it must be controlled.

Because the ruling capitalist class benefits from open borders and globalism. FIFY.

No and don’t clip my posts to change my meaning.

It’s simple math, the white middle class in the US has not been meeting our own replacement rate since the seventies.

A shrinking population would case an economic collapse so if we’re not exceeding replacement rate with our own kids then we have to import others.

For GDP because we are economic units in an economic zone and not a country. Back to my original point. Thanks!

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No, a country has to have a stable but growing economy to prevent collapse.

A growing economy to do what, exactly? Get in more debt that will never be paid off?

A growing economy doesn’t cause debt, it’s the only possible way to pay it off.

We don’t have a revenue problem, we have spending problem.

Yes - paying for social services and benefits for the people we have imported and who are here illegally. Back to my original point.

Which is why Trump is taking actions to cut them off of welfare and entitlements and pushing for merit based immigration which includes proof they can support themselves or that they have sponsors who will be responsible for them.

That’s not the same as ‘all judges are lefties’ is it ffs! You don’t half get on my nerves with your nitpicking and swagger: you’re the sort who give Americans a bad name. And yet you believe all this space gibberish - maybe a spell of self-analysis is called for?