New Trump Wall Tracker! Excellent!

Excellent website that tracks the progress of the Southern border Wall construction! This you must check out! This site is the most comprehensive transparent border tracker there is! From status reports, costs, updates to scheduling! Awesome!

Untold Story of Border Wall Construction


I do wish the vehicle wall was actually converted to what they’re using now for the pedestrian wall.

I am not sure what you are referring to, can you provide more context and perhaps a link?

I must have missed that, glad you posted it again.

It can’t be. Basically the existing vehicle barrier is just X’s and rails. It’s fairly effective at stopping larger vehicles but does little or nothing to deter foot traffic or even bikes. About the only possible use for it would be to bury it and use it as part of the foundation of the new wall but that would be very expensive because of the cost of the additional trenching and concrete.

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Excellently done…

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The map is great, I hope you don’t mind I stole this thread and posted it somewhere else.


I have no objections! The more it is shared the more the word gets out!

I need to get better about doing that! There is so much good content posted here that would pretty much be BANNED anywhere else!


Brian Kolfage Video was just release and along with it a statement that he published.

Video and comments from Brian Kolfage were released today. The USPIS agents never contacted the US Federal Marshals in Florida until Kolfage was loaded in the car. When they went in the house, the agents looked all over, including in the children’s rooms.


I’ve taken direct hits from mortars fighting for my country overseas, now I’m taking mortars from a politically corrupted and weaponized judicial system who has made it their #1 goal to target all Trump associates. With reckless regard for the constitution they have set out on a mission to destroy people’s lives by intimidation through a weaponized mainstream media platform that regurgitates and tries defendants in the court of public opinion before facts are even known. This is not the type of freedom I raised my right hand to defend, this is totalitarianism to take political prisoners.

They are coming after us for one reason, we embarrassed them, we proved that Americans wanted border security. ‘We the people’ then built the wall and cut off major human smuggling routes. We showed Americans that we can accomplish the “impossible” with a little good old fashioned hard work. Everything we accomplished went against the tainted beliefs of these socialists from NY who are after us. They want the permanent political class to stay in power. And in order to achieve that they need globalism and open borders to keep the power on their side.

When the facts come out over the next few months they are going to have to drop this case; it’s that’s simple, this case is 100% TAINTED by political motivations. That’s why they timed it to the eve of the Republican National Convention, just as Steve Bannon was beginning to advise the Trump Campaign again.

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This is terrible…

Is there a tracker that shows how much of the stupid fence that Mexico has paid for?

Is there ever a time that you are not angry?

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I’ve got one for you:

This is good, but it doesn’t really go into specifics in terms of schedule, money spent (budget) and progress report like the Wall Tracker does.

400 miles of wall under construction!