Judge Says Trump Admin Not Moving Fast Enough Bringing in Iraqi and Afghan Special Visa Holders

It’s wrong to judge all Americans by one.

I’m not judging all Americans by one, only those who are like him.

So far that’s one…:smile::smile::smile:

Maybe some remedial English classes are in order. That’s exactly what you said.

I wonder why judges are always lefties

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Americans aren’t usually known worldwide for their qualities of modesty and diffidence?

Not as bad as the French though…:man_shrugging:

Why do you ‘always’ have to be so fucking sarcastic?

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That’s for the admin to decide, not you.


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He was grossly sarcastic to me and so I reacted to it. It’s got fuck all to do with you.

No one freaking cares! It contributes nothing to the conversation and if you weren’t so pigheaded you would be mature enough to understand that we don’t want to read your shitposts! If you got a problem with him then send him a PM to resolve the issue and stop trying to derail this thread!

Go and take a long walk on a short pier.

You should take your own advice and stop being an asshole all the time!

If he insulted you and accused you of posting BS - and I sort of wonder why he doesn’t? lol - as often as he does me, then maybe you’d get pissed off with it too? Anyhoo that’s my last word on it.

I don’t care! I am more interested in discussing the thread topic! Why can’t you get that through your thick head of yours?

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