Ivanka Trump Demands Federal Gun Confiscation Law

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Yep. Nailed it.

This all might be part of the 2020 election. Trump can piss off his base enough that they all stay home. Then when he loses he can blame everyone but himself.

He can’t expect to give up on guns, do nothing about illegal Immigration, and expect to win in 2020.

Ivanka Trump is jumping on the gun confiscation bandwagon.

After mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, politicians on both sides are calling for some form of gun control.

Senator Lindsey Graham led the push for “common sense” regulations in the wake of the El Paso massacre.

Many America First advocates have complained about Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner’s influence in the Trump administration, especially on the issue of immigration.

These suspicions are not baseless considering that Ivanka and Kushner fundraised for staunch mass migration and gun control advocate Cory Booker.

Now, these suspicions are becoming more valid as Ivanka is pushing for one of the most draconian forms of gun control

Red flags are already law in 15 states and will likely have more traction after these shootings.

While mainstream Republicans are kowtowing to these measures, no compromise pro-gun activists are scared at the implications of these laws.

Ok Ivanka! You first! I want to see your entire security detail disarmed and disbanded. You can try traveling all on your own without highly trained bodyguards watching your every move.

Should be the rallying cry!

This is Hilarious!!. So called “red flag” laws want to take your guns and put you in jail for what you say!! THAT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS HELL. Did you know that in the United States, under our constitution, you can be Antifa, LaRaza, IDL, Black Panther, Nazi, Communist, Nationalist, White Supremacist, Democrat. What ever the fuck you want and NO LAW CAN RESTRICT THAT OR PUNISH IT IN ANY WAY! You have the right to free speech and the right to assemble with those you agree with and NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT!

Can you imagine the "red flags: these moslem congress women are throwing up?? One of them muslim bitches called my president a “mother fucker” THATS IT. I want her detained!! She is mentally ill!! Some demented democrats are telling little children the lie of man made “Climate Change” Seize them!! This is DILLUSIONAL AND DANGEROUS. A “Comic” female walking around with Trump’s artificial head!! Get her!! Black Panthers are talking about using baseball bats on white voters!!

Mental illness is TOTALLY ambiguous and undefined. Even professionals see names like psychosis totally different. That is what they used in the Soviet Union to stifle dissent. Let’s build some GULAGS!! YEAH THAT’S IT!! What a damned joke. WE are just getting carried away like a bunch of old hysterical women that just saw a mouse in the church parlor.

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I don’t think there is anything funny about it. These people are dead serious about banning firearms nationwide.

As long as due process comes first “Red Flag Laws” have no constitutional problem.

If they think congress is going to pass a “Red Flag Law” that doesn’t put due process first they are living in a fantasy world.

Trump is a lot of things but he isn’t stupid nor is he politically suicidal so even if such a bill passed congress I don’t think he’d be dumb enough to sign it.

Ivanka wants to distance herself from her father like Ronnie Reagan Jr did, (Ronald Reagan’s liberal atheist son) when his daddy was in office. Same old, same old. Liberal ingrates.
They ride on their fathers’ coattails crying all the way for attention.

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Absolutely no evidence of that.

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Good find, I like that guy.

“… in 2013, Ivanka Trump and Kushner hosted a fundraiser at her Manhattan home for New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker, who at the time was running for Senate and is now a Democratic 2020 presidential candidate. The future senior White House advisers reportedly raised more than $40,000 in the first quarter of 2013 for Booker’s Senate campaign.”

They were all democrats including Trump before he decided to run for The Presidency.

In a situation like this, I find the ex parte process to be completely inconsistent with the concept of due process. The gun owner is not present at the hearing nor is the gun owner aware that a hearing has taken place concerning his/her mental state in connection with access to privately and lawfully owned firearms.

Red flag laws are also implemented differently in every county of every state that has them which creates an even larger due process issue.

This is bad news all the way around and the concept of “due process” here only means that a judge heard something about you, without you or your lawyers present, and made a decision.

The only time the individual gets an opportunity to go before a judge is when they petition to get their firearms back.

This is all wrong.

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The gun ban/Red flag law issues Is a perfect example of what I call the vicious cycle of liberalism!

It was liberals who fought for the civil rights of the insane and mentally ill. State run mental hospitals were closed throughout the country and those with serious mental problems were released into society. The Sandy Hook shooter, the Dayton shooter, the Parkland shooter, and the Colorado theater shooter were all on the police radar and/or in counseling and neither the cops or the doctors could do anything to “flag” the danger they posed to the public.

Liberals fight for the rights of the insane while fighting against the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding and sane gun owners, It’s a vicious cycle.

The “red flag” law is in response to the relentless assault on the 2nd Amendment and to bring back some common sense and sanity into insane laws on the books that actually protect these mass murderers.

Of course this is JMO and my theory of the increase in the horror of these mass shootings.

No bill has been drafted yet.

Red flag laws as we’ve seen implemented in a few states so far definitely violate our rights on numerous levels.

Trump got his ass handed to him when he suggested something similar to the state RFL’s last year and I’d like to think he learned his lesson.

We absolutely need to be able to get dangerous nuts off our our streets and disarm them which I fully support as long as their due process comes first.

I know that. States like Florida and Washington already have red flag laws. Florida essentially mirrored what Washington passed. Federal lawmakers will do the same. The ex parte issue is the problem and will remain so at the national level. It also puts law enforcement at risk as the “suspect” has no idea that the police are coming with the intent to enter their home and seize their property.

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You have no basis for such a statement. Such a law has pretty well zero chance of passing the senate and Trump would be committing political suicide to sign something like that.

In the end I expect littler or nothing to come out of this other than perhaps a ban on future sales of the drum magazines and I doubt even that will pass.

We absolutely need some reforms that will allow us to remove these dangerous nuts from the streets before they act and maybe on that we can get some bipartisan agreement after the next election when we have time to get some work done without everyone posturing trying to score points going into a presidential election cycle.

What do you mean? President Trump was just talking about the need for expedited “due process” in cases where an extreme risk protection order would be needed. It was part of his address on Monday. I’m not supportive of this but I know full well how red flag laws work, ex parte ruling is the standard.

Democrats in the 1990s: “You have a right to commit suicide”

Democrats in the 2010s: “We have to take guns away from everybody so it’s harder for some people to kill themselves.”