Trump Cucks Hard, Whines About Muh White Supremacy, Pushes for Red Flag Gun Confiscation

Continuing the discussion from The Cucked NY Post Urges Trump to Ban Assault Weapons:

Trump is a little bitch and just cucked an even larger segment of his base, the gun rights crowd. He’s also accepting the “muh evil white man” narrative as legit and blaming video games. Total cuck. Ivanka must have been crying all weekend.


If you had told me in 2016 that a future President Trump would go harder against guns than Obama…I would have called you crazy. In this timeline, grabbing guns is now peak conservatism. :clown_face: :earth_africa:

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America is fucked. We all might as well enjoy the decline and get $1000 a month. Vote Yang.

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Even worse than attacking gun rights, he attacked gamers, the most oppressed of all people.


2020 is going to be blue wave and the Orange Dumbass is going to jail with no support because all his supporters were thrown under the bus. Q predicted this. MAGA.

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I think that Pence was behind this, given he was standing right next to him. Pence also made him condemn the send her back chant.

All he had to do was give a generic “we condemn this senseless tragedy, we condemn hate, thoughts and prayers” and people would have moved on by Friday. This just keeps the left narrative alive. They’re not going to stop blaming him just because he names muh ebil White Supremists. He denounced white people who care about their own interests after Charlottesville too and look at the good that did.


Ok - I am now OFFICIALLY off the Trump Train.


Violent video games? WTF?

Imagine all the violence from a generation denied identity, meaning, and pride. But none of us have to imagine it, it’s inevitable. Buckle up.



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He’s right. Video gamers need to be reigned in. He needs to focus on that first before he can build a wall or deport anyone.


How do we legislate PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY for their kifs these games???

Did the NRA make a public statement yet? I am waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Yeah, I am done with this retard. Hope everyone’s disappointment over a knee jerk loss of an “Unalienable Right” is an even trade for our enjoying the “lowest minority unemployment in history”

Still Winning! So, whats the difference between Hillary and POTUS again?

Well none of that is true. Trump has run off at the mouth yet again but he hasn’t proposed anything as draconian as all of the democratic candidates are running on.

The NRA will yank a knot in him again and he’ll “correct” himself in a few days at worst.

I wonder how many are more outraged over the possibility of toning down the violence in video games than they are in losing their Second Amendment rights? :face_with_monocle: (not speaking to you, but to the masses out there who are gun control advocates but love to play video games with lots of guns and violence).

Isn’t it rather ironic the guy in Ohio supported Warren and Bernie who are advocates of gun control? You’d think he’d have been a bit more peaceful given the “love for all” via socialism? :thinking:

His entire post is correct.

Regardless, at this point I absolutely don’t care about the 4D chess, trust the plan, “he’s normalizing racism” bullshit that is coming from people. These excuses would absolutely make sense if he were doing anything to avoid the current trajectory that we’re on but he’s not. He’s signalling support for red flag laws, he’s totally lax on immigration and he’s doing what ever Israel wants.

Why in the hell would anyone support this guy? He’s a god damn clown.

Because as in 2016 he is better than the alternative?

None of it is true as we’ll see over the next few weeks.

All of these supposed Trump supporters from 2016 who are now turning against him because he really isn’t the closet white nationalist they thought he was will of course be rushing out to vote for Beto in 2020. Right?

He literally just cucked on guns on live television. He then cucked on the First Amendment in the very next breath. He has failed on immigration. He hasn’t built the wall. His mass deportation weekend was an abysmal failure. If you have some proof to say otherwise, post it.