Israel to receive $38 billion during worst economic crisis in US history

Another reason they don’t need my damn tax dollars…

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So why are we giving them 38 billion dollars… and why do the posts that you made support that?

I’d rather see the money go to countries that do not support terrorist activities. Money is always sidetracked; but he ■■■■ ain’t flying into our skyscrapers, raping Scandinavian women, shitting & masturbating in swimming pools & sexually assaulting women & children in every country they enter. They don’t wash their bung holes at public drinking fountains. They do not mutilate women’s genitals. They do not condone sex with children & animals. Considering the condition of the world we live in, I’d say that’s pretty civilized. Not to mention the positive contributions to the human condition.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries , its isolated location in Israel has been central to its success as the world’s biggest generic-drug maker . That alone is worth 38 billion.

So Obama GAVE Iran $1,300,000,000 and we never heard a single word from you about it ? Perhaps it was a " general humanitarian emergency"… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Dealers sold tens of thousands of Cadillac’s with that “war” money !! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Israel does not need our tax dollars.

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You still can’t demonstrate WHY a wealthy country like Israel needs US welfare. Also, any monies given Israel is first borrowed from China. This is idiotic…
And why is congress (bipartisan) doing this so quietly and no press, conservative or liberal is covering it much…:roll_eyes: That’s telling as well…


No. They just engineered it, encouraged it, and/or openly supported it.


Generic drugs have saved the U.S. health care system $1.67 trillion in the last decade, generating $ 253 billion in savings in 2016 alone. This is one reason I support Israel,

So why are we even allied with Israel, let alone gifting them billions annually?

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I don’t think ■■■■ are big on cutting their own throats.

WHY…does that wealthy nation NEED welfare from America…:thinking:


What are you talking about? That’s why they have so many of their own tribe embedded in Western governments throughout the world. They can use their positions to funnel money back to their country and anyone who says anything about it is labeled anti-Semitic.


The bulk of this thread is anti-Semitic. ■■■■ believe in education. ■■■■ contribute positively to the human condition.

Why? Because people are questioning the intentions of Zionists?

■■■■ see education as a cultural value. ■■■■■■ and Arab Islam Nobel Prize Winners

Haavara Agreement, Lehi, Irgun, Hagannah, ■■■■■■ Insurgency in Palestine, Aliyah Bet, and Patria Disaster.

Go do some reading.

That must explain their ridiculous statistical overrepresentation at elite education institutions in the United States. It probably has nothing to do with their tribalism and the fact that they will always give preference to one another over everyone else.

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What are the intentions of Radical Islamists? Someone? Anyone? Only about 10% ( supposedly ) of Muslims are considered radical; so we only need to be concerned about 150,000,000. There are only 14,000,000 ■■■■ on the planet.