Israel Declares State of War

Hamas completely runs the Gaza Strip and persrcutes its own people. The Palastinians in the East Bank have it good.
So you support these SAVAGES COWARDLY hiding behind and MURDERING inmocent civilians with their GENOCIDE.

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The Hamas was created by none other than Israel, to be its controlled opposition. The idea was to split the Palestinian camp into two: more moderate PLO (with whom Israel somehow managed to make peace) and this radical Hamas.

Israel’s goal was the total elimination of Palestinian movements, radical or otherwise.

The Hamas has the Israeli handwriting all over its face (or whatever the English expression is).
Now this “divide and conquer” scheme by Israel has blown up in its face.

Right. Bombing apartment buildings in Gaza with American F16 is.

When Israel did that a few years ago, Israeli settlers took out their lawn chairs and cheered every time a bomb went up. Now they aren’t cheering anymore.

You apparently see Hamas as some type of " Liberating " organization opposing the TYRANICAL ISRAELI government. I have yet to see Israeli solders COWARDLY hide behind innocent hostages .
Its unfortunate that innocent lives are lost in these types of conflicts because the proxies wont break the chains from their puppet masters.
Gaza citizens would have it better if Hamas would sit at the table with Israel to actualy reach an agreement . Instead they FALSLY believe they can defeat Israel on the battlefield.

Hamas would not. Because Hamas was created by Israel NEVER to reach an agreement — so that Israel can justify its total genocide of Palestinians.

Israel had taken the whole city of Gaza as hotage, bombing off and on, killing chilren there as their fun pot shots, and poisoning drinking water with high dose of sodium fluoride, and forbidding people to leave the prison city.

Mike King’s take on the situation.

Yep, it’s probably phony. Israel’s Mossad has the most extensive network of intelligence gathering, and probably knows what you had for dinner yesterday thousands of miles away. And yet they claim Mossad missed the Hamas plot and Israel was shocked? Fishy, fishy, fishy.

Hamas and Israel Phony War?

Your last paragraph is one of a SICK and TWISTED MINDSET!!!
Israel is FAR MORE CONCERNED about innocent civilians being killed than Hamas will ever be. Hamas sees them as brainwashed tools for them to use !!!

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That is pretty much spot on, but so too its own citizens have much to answer for if we are being honest and making biblical inferences.

I would disagree with you on this premise. Israel’s goal was always about keeping the conflict between themselves and Palestine going in order to keep perpetuating the Weapons industry with supply and demand. War = Profit and the Jooos like that more than anything else besides sexual depravity.

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On a scale from 1-10, how concerned are you that Hamas will retaliate within our (American) borders for our support of Israel?

These are the kind of savages that is invading Israel right now.

Warning Graphic images

This is and this was Rotterdam today.

Muslim communities all over Europe are coming out in support of Hamas’ efforts to wage their bloody jihad against Israel and its citizens.

Everyone with a sense of reality can see it coming from miles away: the Muslim
fighting-aged males throughout Europe will become more emboldened and militant as international jihadist factions vocalize their support for Hamas and their Holy War.

Europe is in deep trouble.

Israel and Palestine: A History Lesson

This is probably the clearest telling of the series of events that lead up to the past few years I’ve seen.

Interestingly enough, Palestine isn’t a member of the United Nations. It is merely an observer nation, meaning it has no vote.

“Palestine made an official application… to join the UN on September 23, 2011. However, the UN Security Council has still not voted on the application. On November 29, 2012, the UN General Assembly approved resolution 67/19 that officially recognized the State of Palestine as a non-member state.”

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People today would be shocked if they new that Hamas was actually encouraged (decades ago) and helped to grow by Israel and the United States as a counter-balance to Yasser Arafat.

We have a history of funding groups that later get out of control from the original purpose. For example, Osama Bin Laden was funded during the 1980s by the CIA to oppose the Soviet Union.

Angela Merkel was keen on letting Muslims and Africans migrate to Germany.
What was her perpetual hand sign all about?
Obedience to the secret order?

Yep, entire Europe is in deep trouble courtesy of politicians like her.

The problem with Europe is its mostly de-armed and most are defenseless to something similar that happened in Israel happening on European soil. Americans still have guns at least but we too are in serious trouble with the open border. These terrorist are probably already inside the US and are awaiting orders from the UN or other non suspecting ORG.

There are false premises.
Zionism started in 19th century as part of the Rothschild plan to create a Jooish state as part of their world conquest. They started to work on the revival of the dead Hebrew language as modern (pidgin) Hebrew as well as creating “Reform Judaism” for easy access to (watered down) Pharisee Judaism for secular Joos in America.

Before and during WWII Nazi Germany attempted to transfer East Europen Joos to Palestine, because Germans figured out that it was impossible to “civilize” them to match the European civilization. German and west European Joos who were willing to embrace the European civilization had no problem in Nazi Germany, as the presence of Jooish generals in the Wehrmacht shows along with other influential Nazis who were Jooish.

The British opposed the mass migration of Joos to Palestine because the immigrants were overwhelmingly pro-German and the British feared they would lose their control there.

Thus Zionists and Nazis collaborated closely. The Israeli Prime Minister, Menahem Begin, had been a Nazi in his native Poland and later a terrorist who bombed British troops in Palestine.

Once Germany lost the war, the Zionists simply sold the Germans down the river and blamed everything on them, even creating a hoax known as the holohoax.

If the attack from HAMAS is truly over the alleged building of the “Third Temple of Solomon on the ruins of the first mosque for Muslims Al Aqsa or near it,” then we approaching the last war according to the Bible.

I am also reading reports that some Israelis are claiming “The ■■■■■■ Messiah will return in 5 months” or as they are calling him, “Mashiach” I rarely mix politics with religion but I thought it was an interesting development

As you point out, “messiah” comes from Hebrew “meshiach” which simply means someone whose head has been oiled. Not just any old vegetable oil, but with expensive spikenard oil.
“Meshiach” is in Greek “christos.”
Christians in Arabic are “messikhin.”

Same root as in Hebrew, although Chrisians in Hebrew are called “Notsrim” meaning “Nazareans,” derived from the city of Nazareth which is the only town in Israel where you can buy pork. LOL