Israel Declares State of War

We as in the USA will have our own war in our own back yard (Mexico) soon enough. In the meantime Israel seems to be playing in the hands of biblical Prophecy as the world continues to unravel with chaos and conflicts and Israel is no exception to adding to this paradigm.

Israeli soldiers having a shootout in the streets after 5000 Hamas soldiers had crossed the border and entered Israel in the last 24 hours!

Hamas Soldiers entering southern Israel

Link to multi video screen on Twitter “X”

Expect to see many Palestinian women and children killed.

Its true, but whatever this is can’t be good for anyone who see’s US getting in on Israel’s behalf in order to get their war chops into Ukraine.

So now both Israel and Ukraine will ask for US aid , Billions more taxpayer dollars putting us even deeper in debt !!!
Total arms sales among the world’s 100 largest defense contractors topped $398 billion in 2017 after climbing for the third consecutive year.

As you say, it’s only a matter of time for the USA. If Dems remain in power, the time will be shorter.

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Yep! Seems like its all part of a prescript dynamic? One thing is for sure when one party needs to create a distraction Israel is always there to lend a helping hand.

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A female Israeli army soldier was captured and taken to the Gaza Strip

Everyone knows what they are going to do to her! This is really bad!

BREAKING: Israeli Commander Nimrod Aloni has been captured by Hamas in the ongoing war.

Analyst: “This is big. Israel is meant to be a big military force. This shows the extent to which they are on the back foot and not ready to respond to this attack. This also shows the extent of the Hamas operation”

Nimrod Aloni is the commander of the Depth Corps

They might level the Gaza Strip if things continue to go south for Israeli defense forces

From Kimdotcom

Understanding the Hamas attack on Israel:

Iran is aiming for a confrontation with Israel and the US. The success of Russia in Ukraine is encouraging Iran to undo decades of hostile US foreign policy in the Middle East. A bankrupt US Govt has just been invited to another war.

The timing is opportunistic. The US Govt is forced to print trillions of USD as it struggles to raise new debt. Another war would lead to a significant increase in inflation and an accelerated economic decline of the US.

If Iran mines the Strait of Hormuz the global energy crisis would become critical. The Biden administration has used the majority of US oil reserves to stabilize domestic oil prices. Iran can increase the pain for the US Govt significantly.


Iran has caused this to DISTRACT the U S from Ukraine as it continues to equip Russia. Iran knows the U S is extremly weak with SLOW JOE in charge.
There are plenty of ANTI ISRAELIES on PB that will bring up the ethnic jooishness claiming they STOLE Arab land or believe the HOLOCAUST was filmed on some Hollwood set and backlot.
Fact is IRAN is the biggest cause of instability in the ME. They , along with Hamas and Hezbollah dont care about the number of young muslims are brainwashed and killed for their gain along with innocent lives taken. Their OBSESSION with the total destruction of Israel has given way to their INSANE AGENDA. God help us when Iran mass produces nuclear warheads and bombs.
We have a SENILE VILLAGE IDIOT PRESIDENT that speaks sofly and has a LIMP WRIST. Exactly opposite of Donald Trump.He wasnt perfect and had a BIG MOUTH but meant what he said , got things done and had a way of preventing some of these foreign affairs nightmares from happening.
Israel will.say all bets are off and will do what is needed in Gaza in spite of the coming criticism.Their security and citizens come first.

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You never heard of that saying “two wrongs do not make a right”

It was the US that fucked up Iran by destroying a democratic nation with the wanton greed for oil. Iran is simply the creation of the US proxy agents known as the CIA. Everything else that is happening is all because of US interventionism.

Oh yeah, speaking of those dirty dirty Joos, who or what people have the most pedophiles and promote child pornography and child sex trafficking?

You don’t know your history, you are in denial of the truth only to push the same old BS hegemonic trash that you were brainwashed with by the same Joooish media propaganda! The reality is what is happening to Israel is Karma, cause and effect. While I do not condone the actions of Hamas, the truth is the US is very much just as responsible for the chaos in the middle East as their enemies!

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Gaza Strip is now being destroyed!

Hamas is claiming Ukraine sold them the weapons they used in the attack today against Israel. US Tax payer funded again!
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Israeli PM Netanyahu is telling residents of the Gaza strip to get out.

EW: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu tells Gaza residents to “GET OUT NOW” as he vows to use all IDF capabilities to destroy Hamas.

“We will win this war, but the price will be unbearably heavy. Hamas wants to murder us all,” Netanyahu said.

“Murdering children and mothers in their homes, in their beds. It is an enemy that kidnaps elderly people, children, young girls.”

“What happened today has never been seen before in Israel and I will ensure it never happens again. The entire government supports this decision. The IDF will immediately use all its power to destroy Hamas’s capabilities.”

“We will fight them to the bitter end and avenge this black day they plotted for Israel and its people.”

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This is the young lady murdered that Hamas had been displaying in the back of truck and has been positively identified.

She was traveling to a music festival.

Dozens of bodies of civilians, police and military personnel, along with shot up cars, accumulated along the roadway along which Hamas militants moved.

→ Terrible to see civilians dead.

Islamic militants massacring women and children, and livestreaming it for the enjoyment of leftists around the world.

Warning Graphic content

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This all seems like it was planned with the help of the West. Does that make sense?