Israel Declares State of War

Yes it does make sense. I would like to see what the “End Game” of this latest development is going to look like!

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After reading this I realized that its by design that its a complicated as possible mess. There is a bigger picture in all of this however that benefits the NEOCONS and Elite bankers I suspect!

An escalation in Israel could trigger a chain reaction. The Palestinians have no chance in such a war, because they cannot destroy Israel or inflict a significant military defeat on it, but Israel also has nothing to fight for. Palestine is technically Israeli territory, which it does not and cannot control under any circumstances. It is equally impossible to physically destroy all Palestinians. If we were in a different international situation, the Palestinians could count on the compassion of the international left, but the US is led by neocons and globalists. They certainly do not care about the Palestinians, although they are not too close to Israel’s nationalist policies either. But it is the chain reaction - and especially the behavior of the Islamic states (primarily Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states and Egypt) - that could be the logical continuation. Or at least, this is what Hamas strategists may have had in mind when they decided to start the conflict. Multipolarism is strengthening, the intensity of Western hegemony in the collective non-West is weakening. The West’s allies in the Islamic world - especially Turkey and the Saudis - do not automatically follow every order from Washington. This is the situation in which the Islamic pole, which recently provocatively joined the BRICS, will be put to the test. Of course, the conflict could spread to other territories. The involvement of Iran and Hezbollah cannot be excluded, which means the potential transfer of hostilities to the territories of Lebanon and Syria. In Israel itself, there are enough Palestinians who fiercely hate ■■■■. All this could have unpredictable consequences. In my opinion, the US and the globalists will try to shut everything down now, as they can achieve nothing good from further escalation. One more thing: the analogies between separatism, irredentism, etc. in different regions of the world are no longer valid. The West recognizes both territorial unity and the right of peoples to secede when it benefits them and does not recognize them when they are not beneficial. There are no rules. In fact, we should treat the matter the same way (and indeed we do). What is favorable to us is right. In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is difficult - at least for now - for Russia to choose one side. There are pros and cons in every configuration. Ties with the Palestinians are ancient and, of course, victims, but Israel’s right flank also tries to pursue a neutrally friendly policy towards Russia and, in doing so, deviates from the wild and unequivocal Russo-phobia of the collective West. Much will now depend on how events unfold in the future. Yes, and of course we must not lose sight of the eschatological dimension of events. The Palestinians have called their operation the ‘Al-Aqsa Storm’, i.e. the tension around Jerusalem and the messianic (for Israel) horizon of building the Third Temple on the Temple Mount (impossible without demolishing the Al-Aqsa Mosque, an important Muslim shrine) is growing again. The Palestinians are trying to ignite the eschatological sensibilities of Muslims - both Shiites, who are increasingly sensitive to this issue, and Sunnis (after all, they are no strangers to the reasons for the end of the world and the final battle). Israel and Zionism are the Dajjal for Muslims. To what extent this is serious, we shall soon see, but in any case it is clear that those who ignore eschatology will not understand anything about great modern politics. And not only in the Middle East, although it is more evident there. — Alexander Dugin

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Don’t let the media whitewash the reality of what is taking place in Israel now. This was targeted at unarmed women and children - not as a consequence of war, but as the goal. ~ Lara Logan

The woman whose body was seen on video in the back of a pick-up truck driven by Palestinian terrorists to Gaza has been identified as 30 year old Shani Louk. She was a German citizen visiting Israel to attend the music festival for peace held near the Gaza border fence.

All the buildings Israel bombs and blows up are living quarters of Palestinian families.

Michelle Obama weighs in on the Israel attack

None of this is of concern to US taxpayers . We are Spread thin and we are not the worlds police force . What exactly is NATO’s function ?
We all know our Congress and senate is fully packed with those of ■■■■■■ faith and we all know taxpayer dollars will flow freely to Israel . How many war/conflicts do we have to fund ?

That’s one nasty tranny !!!


Ezekiel 38
17 “‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: You are the one I spoke of in former days by my servants the prophets of Israel. At that time they prophesied for years that I would bring you against them. 18 This is what will happen in that day: When Gog attacks the land of Israel, my hot anger will be aroused, declares the Sovereign Lord. 19 In my zeal and fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great earthquake in the land of Israel.

“Israel” here is not the State of Israel founded by the thieves and murderers from the north (Zionists from Ukraine, Poland, etc) or Khazars (Gog and Magog).

Something is up suggesting betrayal is afoot!

“I served in the [Israeli Defence Force] Gaza division during the 2014 Gaza war… Listen to me, and listen to me well: There’s no way in the world that anyone can approach the border without us knowing about it.”


How does it make you feel as an American to know that your tax payer dollars funded the attack on Israel today?

This is was failed US-Iran foreign policy looks like. This is what a stolen election looks like. This is what it looks like when you have an Alzheimer’s patient in the White House who gives Iran $6 BILLION while they chant death to America and Death to Israel.

The Israelis are now being killed by weapons that were purchase with our taxpayer dollars.

Things must change. Keep that in mind as you decide who to vote for in 2024. ~Laura Loomer

She is not wrong ya know. Maybe about the voting part if elections are indeed rigged, but not about our Tax payer dollars funding the weapons that were used to invade Israel!


Palestinians in Gaza have been living in hell, caged in like canaries. (And they get attacked by the Israeli Army and Air Force with the most modern weapons.) They have nothing to lose.

Blood for blood. There is no negotiating with factions like Hamas. They are animals. On the other hand, yes I see your point, and there is a humanitarian component to this narrative but they were warned to leave. I think after what happened in the last 72 hours the dye is cast, Israel has a free license now to act with impunity. They wanted war and initiated it to make it happen, what comes next is the effect from the cause.


I myself wouldn’t support Hamas. They are a nasty bunch.

But if I had been treated by Israel the way Israel treated Palestinians, especially in Gaza, not to mention the theft of the ancestral land, farms and what have you, then I might support the Hamas.

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War is just a bad cause in general. No one wins and everyone suffers because of it. Arabs live by the dagger. Theirs is no life value only death.

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What choice does Israel have? I mean seriously the terrorists have invaded Israel cities and communities kidnapping and killing civilians in their homes and off the streets including Americans living in or visiting Israel.

Seriously “playing into the hands” of “biblical” prophecy, GMAB Israel is defending itself and its citizens against biblical savages that haven’t evolved since biblical times!

I pray to God that Israel is victorious in wiping out Hamas, Hezbollah and destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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That’s exactly what Israel has been doing. It just didn’t make news. That’s the only difference.

Criminals do defend themselves, and it makes them more criminal.

I pray to God that He destoys the nuclear terrorist State of Israel.

Israel did JFK.
Israel did 911.
Israel did Fukushima.

Time to get rid of this evil Gog and Magog, founded by Nazis.

Its SICKINING to see innocent lives lost because of HAMAS BEING Irans proxy.This BEAUTIFUL woman was needlessly MURDERD by these BARBARIC SAVAGES and deseve NO MERCY from Israel.
It would be NICE if some Israeli missiles " ACCIDENTALY " went off course and some of Irans leaders homes.
Hamas may win some PR sympathy from the BRAINLESS Leftists in the world.

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