Is Jesus Christ a Socialist?

I made a video discussing my thoughts on if Jesus is a socialist. Let me know what you think of my arguments down below, and what do you think? Is Jesus a socialist? What evidence do you have that He is or is not?

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There are many gods in the Old Testament. Yahweh, El, and others.

Community ≠ government
(Certainly not the totalitarian government)

Jesus was clearly aware of the evil of the banking as we know it and which we take for granted (out of ignorance). The Babylonian banking system has been with us for 4,000 years or more.
Money is not evil per se, but the Babylonian banking is.

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Of course most all “socialists” are Athiests. Lacking faith they see themselves as the recipients of charity, but lack the responsibility to create something themselves and then be charitable to others.

The create labels for themselves, like “progressive,” and “humanists.” “rationalists,” etc. and see themselves as above faith. They are materialists only.


I already created a thread on this topic many months ago.

Socialism is euphemism for communism.
And communism is Satanism in disguise.

Like I said on top (I know, I know, it’s so childish to say “Look, I said it first!”), there are all kinds of gods and deities around from time immemorial. Some are very dark entities who should be called demons and such, rather than god.

Therefore, to say “Socialism is atheism” is wrong.


Is ‘Jesus Christ’ his real name?

Of course not.
According to Dr Thiering, “Joshua” or “Jesus” was a title.
Christ is Greek, meaning “anointed one”.

Well according to me, ‘Jesus’ (which is phonetically as far removed from ‘Joshua’ as it’s possible to get?) is an Iberian name, so WTF?

“Jesus” is English and Spanish, and derived from Latin “Iesus” which was a corrupted form from Greek.

“Joshua” in Hebrew means “Jah(weh) saves.”

When you say Charles, Carlos or Karl (in English/French, Spanish/Portuguese and German), you’re talking about the same guy.

Jesus is also referred to as “Jesus of Nazareth” but around his time, the town of Nazareth apparently didn’t exist.
So the expression could have meant “Jesus of the Nazarene (sect)”.

According to Dr Thiering, his family resided in Qumran (by the Dead Sea) and claimed to have descended from King David.

I wish there were a yawning smiley . . . or one with zzzzzzzzs.

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What do you mean when you say Jesus was against the Babylonian banking system?

That’s true. It seems Marxism is sort of a replacement religion to those who claim to have no religion.

Thanks for sharing that. I will definitely take a look!

The Jesus of the bible is a total myth.

He attacked the “money changers” which was a symbolic act of speaking against the Babylonian banking system which charges interest, commonly practiced by the Pharisees.

Yeah I would ask the moderators to combine the two as there is no point in having duplicate thread topics. We had a lot of insightful responses to that question because it was one that was on my mind for a Long time.


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You need to distinguish between “historical Jesus” and “Jesus as object of worship”.

For the latter, there may have been more than one individual.

Marxism is not the only one.
Modern science, especially modern medicine, is a belief system. (Add global warming as well)

This religion called modern medicine has a priest class in white who tell the believers what to accept and what to reject, distribute holy water (or powder in capsules) at exorbitant prices and have the power of life and death (without getting persecuted for deaths, unless done too blatantly)

Jesus in his attack committed several counts of felony terrorism

Usury had been illegal and the temple had been corrupted.

What other “felonies” did Jesus commit?