Is Jesus Christ a Socialist?

What evidence do you have to support your allegation that the necessary money changers were charging excessive interest? Money changers were necessary because certain money was considered demonic and not accepted by the local shops. It can be inferred that the money changers had permission from the local council otherwise they would of been excused many years earlier. Why could not Jesus simply have a talk with them instead of resorting to terrorist violence? After Jesus´s felony attack, the money changers continued that next day. Other felonies…well GOD/JESUS/HOLY GHOST flood the entire planet killing millions, in addition to murdering the first born of Egyptians.

Charging “interest” at all was already against Judaism as it was with all religions. It wasn’t about “excessive”

It was corruption to begin with. Turning places of worship into business for profit was pure corruption.

Where in the bible does it say charging interest is a crime or forbidden? Please point out to me the Jewish Statue forbidding interest?

The Torah gave 613 commandments.

As time went on Interest became a practice.

Study it yourself. It became corrupted even by allowing interest to non-Jews.

I guess a “Myth,” can’t overturn the tables of moneychangers.

“Charity” is fundamental to religion, Unfortunately this point was corrupted by those who missed the point, no matter the religion. Socialism is taking, not giving.

It is lawful for Jews to loan with simple interest.It is a crime to charge excessive interest.You did not give me any statutory reference but only oral tradition. Do Jewish banks today charge lawful interest? Yes of course. Who witness this event of felony terrorism at the temple? Are there any first hand accounts? Are there any written entries by the local Rabbi of that event? No there are no first hand accounts, it is a made up story by myth makers. The entire bible is nothing more than a common solar myth. Charity? That all came about during the Axial Age of mankind. There are 15 older gods that have almost the same story.Why? Because it is a solar myth which western man cannot decipher!

As I already said…it became corrupt. Rules were rewritten.

You can’t decipher it apparently.

Jesus was very real. The behavior and life of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Avatars, is of the same source. Calling them all Solar gods, is mistaken.

Legal does not mean permissible.
A bank can loan you, let’s say 1,000 dollars, even if it has only 100 dollars available and start charging interest for 1,000 dollars.

How is it possible?
It’s called “fractional reserve banking”.

Is it legal? Yes.
Is it ethical and permissible? No.

The tale of Jesus and the temple money changers is a story for posterity to think about the legality and permissibility of banking practices.
(If the politicians are corrupt, they will support the banksters, vice versa. The implication is much greater than just a story.)

Pharisaic Jews learned the practice of the Babylonian banking in — where else? — in Babylon during the captivity. Thus the Talmud is called the Babylonian Talmud.
(There is the Jerusalem Talmud but the former is the Talmud.) It is the text of the Pharisees and we know what Jesus thought about them.

Name me on eye witness who wrote about Jesus superstar during his life time?
Regretfully uninformed Christians, and I mean about 99% of them,believe that only their Savior suffered death at the cross:Here are others with almost the same solar mythical elements:Krishna-India:Sakia-India:Iva-Nepal:Indra-Tibet:Mirtha-Persia:Tammuz-Babylonia:Criti-Chaldea:Attis-Phrygia:Baili_Orissa:Thules-Egypt:Orontes_Egypt:Witoba of the-Telingonese:Odin-Scandinavia:Hesus-The Druids:Quetzalcoatl
The bible its self tells you it is a myth. But Jeconiah was cursed in [Jeremiah 22:24) and Jesus cannot be any savior.

Why do you need a savior?

Jesus showed a way, and that’s good enough.

There is no need to believe in myths. The writers of myths will laugh at you if you believe their fictions hook, line and sinker.

With all these great “myths” you mention, you only know of them from books.

All of it has been seen in visionary experience, by various people. Without others seeing or understanding, some people have remarkable awakenings. You could have an awakening too.

There is something called storehouse consciousness, where you can answer your own questions.

Who TF can remember 61

When your read about Mohammed flying to heaven on the back of a donkey with wings and then meeting the who’s who’s of paradise. At once, you detect it is a myth. But Muslims believe that it is the truth. There is absolutely no evidence what so ever to confirm the existence of jesus superstar.It is all based on kindergarden mythology. The execution records of Ponticus Pilate are extant, and there is no mention of any jesus ever being condemned to death. How could that be?

Not to be confrontational here but I genuinely would like to know, if we’re you ever a Christian at any point in your life? Or were you always or grew up a non believer?

I grew up in the most conservative Catholic home you could ever imagine. Every time the pope farted, we were on our hands and knees praying!

Ok now I understand, that explains a lot. Thanks for the explanation.

There is virtually nothing tp prove Pontius Pilate ever existed, except in Christian writings and Josephus. Don’t go overboard on this.

Look to the sources where you developed these ideas. I would guess the usual suspects of writers and DVD issuers who were popular around 15 years ago. Loss of faith tends to leave a highly suggestible state of mind in certain people.

At the same times, those with already in-depth knowledge about these Apolloish myths and characters listed by the usual suspects, saw how this spate of “Jesus is a myth” people evolved. They are pure products of the “kids on keys” generation of losers.

But rather than me defend the Christian written records and the obvious existence of Jesus that created such a stir, I think it would be more important to point you back to the power of prayer and meditation, so you can find the answer within.