How to take on Iran

But…shhhhhhh say nothing of Iranian hardliners who want to sabotage any peace.

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One of our subs could simply pull up & unload on Iran. It would be epic and one Hell of a mess; a mess that would take decades ( if ever ) to clean up. Iran could be turned into a black spot on the map in an hour. One ( JUST ONE ) of our subs has more firepower than all the firepower used by every nation in all of the wars in recorded history. Sobering, ain’t it?

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I have no problem with that at all.

That’s what Jimmy Carter should have done when our embassy was invaded. It should have been nipped in the butt then, right at the beginning.

We Are America - WE ARE NEVER OUTGUNNED. Easy, just pull out all the stops. Then say, who else wants some? Now try to visualize the situation if TR were president. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Don’t complicate it with legalities” Teddy Roosevelt.

And lord knows that the US has no compunction against using nukes on civilian targets. Yep, the pro life crowd…

We are not monsters. [

Leaflets Warning Japanese of Atomic Bomb | American Experience …


Leaflets dropped on cities in Japan warning civilians about the atomic bomb , dropped c. August 6, 1945.

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Amazing how this bit of history seems to have been forgotten. Someone please refresh my memory; who was it that bombed Pearl Harbor?

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Yes, warn the civilians just before you vaporize them. The Christian Right “pro life” crowd always supports war and killing…

Again: That was done by Democrat Harry Trump you liar

You don’t even play a good Devil’s Advocate. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. There are some punches you just don’t roll with. And if Japan or Germany had the bomb, they would have used it. My father was with OSS 101; three years in the Burma jungle. They never took a single prisoner.

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He needs to be flagged into non-existence. Today he has done nothing but spam threads, post off-topic posts, and turn every thread into an attack on Christianity regardless of the topic.

I wasn’t attempting to do so…

Actually the British & Americans did take prisoners; but the Gurkha troops were in charge of prisoners; so no prisoners. image

It’s night vision you ignorant twit.

Well that’s easy enough to solve. If they are Iranian tankers running embargoed oil they should be stopped, seized and if necessary sunk.

Hiroshima ad Nagasaki were both legitimate military targets, cities with military installations ad industry directly supporting the war effort.

Would you be happier if we used Napalm?

What makes he or you think that foreign ships want to sail under the US flag?

Because of the protection it brings.

And they SPECIFICALLY targeted military bases. When engaging a target all efforts must be made to protect innocent civilians. The nuclear bombs killed everything, 100,000 civilians in both cities. If you can justify that, then other countries can justify doing the same thing in America.