How to take on Iran

Apparently, Iran planted mines, which recently exploded, on four foreign oil tankers.

Moreover, it seems that Iran had a proxy do a rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad.

Retired General Jack Keane has said that the commercial ships of all our allies–both in Europe and Japan–should be re-flagged; they should carry the US flag, instead of that of their respective countries.

Moreover, they should be escorted by US warships.

And if Iran then fires upon them…well, then appropriate action should be taken.


Reagan did the escort thing in the 80’s. Iran didn’t bite. Iran knows how to make minimal attacks, just below the threshold of getting a response from us. I say that we destroy all their ports where oil tankers load up, and watch their economy crumble. Total air war.


It’s not completely apparent…:man_shrugging:

It is to intelligent people who aren’t shills for the Islamo-Fascists

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Well, Iran was photographed removing an unexploded mine from a ship; apparently, so that it could not be traced directly to them.

And it also fired upon a US drone.

So why would anyone wish to defend such a bad actor?

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montecrappo will defend the Islamo-Fascist terrorists, he will quote and believe the Communist newspapers, and he will call his own military liars, all because he is a leftwing extremist who will take any opportunity to undermine & attack America, and hate on Trump.

As to your first post: Sure, give it a try. It can’t hurt. I just doubt that it will curb Iran’s terrorist activities.


Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman discusses the growing threat between the U.S. and Iran and what the next move should be.

Why not use the guilty till proven innocent policy that TDS victims use with Trump?

Iran is guilty. Scorch the earth underneath the bastards.

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Excellent!! We put…

“Apparently” is the key word in that sentence. I’ve seen the grainy video that’s more like the quality of the 1969 footage of the lunar landing rather than the 2019 technology the best in the world, available to the Pentagon. Not so apparent to me and many others.

Yep, for liberals like montecrackhead1, Trump is automatically guilty with no evidence, and Islamo-Fascist terrorists are automatically innocent despite evidence from our military.

You nailed it.

Translation: You believe and defend terrorists and you don’t believe your own brave military men and women. Typical Democrat.

Yep, and how many times have we seen this movie, and when are we going to require proof before jumping in to senseless war?

Maybe the Pentagon has better resolution but is not releasing it because it shows classified capability.

Ever think of that?

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That would require him to actually think. That ain’t happenin’

It would require him to know something about the practice and art of war…of which he is totally ignorant.

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Messing with Iran is complicated.

But Chinese officials have publicly stated that they have no intention of following Washington’s demands to stop importing Iranian oil completely. And Chinese firms have made arrangements to keep Iranian oil flowing after U.S. sanctions come into force. For example, Chinese firms have switched to using Iranian tankers to deliver the oil, to side step sanctions and reduce their own risk.

No its not.

As I said, you side with the Communists and the terrorists against your own military.

Why don’t you go live in Iran.

@pjohns The prime minister of Japan was visiting with Iranian leadership in an effort to help foster US/Iranian dialogue when one of their oil tankers was attacked off the coast of Iran. Sorry, but I’m not buying this one bit. Nor are many others. There’s zero for Iran to gain, and everything for Saudi Arabia, Israel and warmongering neocon freaks like John Bolton to gain.

So much for your pro CHICOM fan club! Just shows how much you know about the bigger picture which is zero!

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