How about a 12 GA Double Barrel Pistol....?







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Recoil wise, this would probably work well with a 12 ga mini shot shell like I use in my Mossberg Shockwave.

I’m trying to figure out how this is legal but a sawed off shotgun is not.

I agree. A friend of mine just bought a Mossberg Shockwave. Its very comfortable to shoot with the mini shells. And given the energy from those shorties, the Diablo would be a very formidable short range defense weapon.

Its a pistol, not a sawed off shotgun. The ATF classifies it as a “firearm.”

So if I saw the stock and the barrel from a shotgun, I’d have a pistol?

No. Then you have a sawed off shotgun, which is illegal. It is not illegal to manufacture a pistol that fires shotgun shells.

I didn’t say that it has to make sense.

How the Diablo, and the Mossberg Shockwave get around not being classified a “sawed off shotgun” is that they were never designed to have a shoulder stock. ATF classifies them as a “firearm”.
Federally you’re golden but they may run afoul of state and locak gun laws.

There is also a school of thought (among the conspiracy minded) that allowing them is a set up … like with the bump stocks. Approve them now, then change their minds and confiscate them later.

First thing one learns when dealing with any bureaucracy, policy is not logical.


That double looks like a Howdah Pistol.