Hot Dog Shit and Spicy Words on the Train to Flavortown

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I am aware of what trump said and the ignorance and dumbassery behind it. What fascinates me is how you in the cult are so gleeful in your fascist-wannabe goose stepping. Turns out all your squealing about Obama being a dictator had nothing to do with American principles. You are fine with having a dictator. You just wanted one who was a flabby, pampered brat who would validate your victimhood and promise you a scapegoat in every pot. Mostly, I am struck by how you all find a daddy protector in a septuagenarian blowhard.

Reminder: “diversity” and “inclusion” are just code words for “not White.”


trump has suckered his cult of sissies into believing he is a macho man. Let us look at his “manly” history. Everybody knows about badass trump and his bone spurs, but let’s look at some more recent examples. Prior to meeting with the President of Mexico, trump was suckering the rubes with promises Mexico would pay for his silly wall. When they met face-to-face, paying for the wall never came up. trump tried to bully Carly Fiorina from a distance, calling her ugly. Disparaging female appearance is one of the favorite exhibitions of manhood done by a fat, balding, moron with funny ties. Anyway, put on the same stage with Carly, trump groveled a kowtowing apology. trump visited a church and started doing his ham-handed political speaking. The pastor chided him and told him to stop. In her presence, he obeyed. Later, he attacked her boldly from the safety of twitter.

The trump coward gets away with this because all he has to do is look manly to a cult of losers who can’t deal with the fact that in modern America they might get a black or female boss for no reason except they are smarter and better qualified. trump only has to impress emasculated losers who are reduced to buying guns, because Extenze didn’t work.

All it takes to be labelled a nazi is to be white and to care about your ethnic interests.

Any non-white caring about their ethnic interests is considered justified and moral.


For whites - and only for whites - an exclusive racial community is illegal in the west. You cannot have white schools. You cannot have white towns. You cannot have white churches. You cannot have white businesses. Only non-whites can have this.

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Wow! That sounds alot like Obama! Because, that is all the Obama Administration was about. Yet, he was - not Trump - responsible for “dividing the nation”.

Quit your bitchin’…if you don’t like the guy, move to Canada!

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Well, if some woman you never heard of saying she doesn’t want to work with white people (according to a truncated quote you deep throated) doesn’t validate your need to be a victim, you can just try, try again.

Hey…sounds good to me. I think we need to go back to the separation of races myself. Reading on MLK, he realized in the end integration was not going to work. So did Malcolm X.

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Hmm, you bitched an empty I-know-Obama-was and followed that bitch with a bitch about bitching. Yup, you are a good Deplorable.

I see you as proof of a benevolent Gawd. She blessed those she made stupid with a complete lack of self-awareness.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’d ask you to cite your bullshit, but copying-and-pasting the pictures in your remedial reading would take up too much bandwidth.

There was news this week that a trannyfreak was suing the same religious colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for two homos last year.

The degenerate freak parade loves nothing more than a pile-on, because their objective is to crush the hopes of normies (they don’t really care about getting a pedo unicorn cake). Bitter leftoid mutants in body and mind relentlessly target designated enemies of the gay for social ostracism and legalistic punishments as a lesson to the other normies that it doesn’t pay to defy globohomo.

It’s about snuffing out

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I believe your fears that you could be seduced by the evil Trans agenda are completely justified, if that makes you feel any better.


When you make a thread you should probably focus on substance. Please tell your paymasters to fill-up the copy/paste bank with better shit. Your spam is incredibly low quality and your thread will be ruined as a result.

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Western conservatives don’t want to accept capitalism caused the demographic failure that is collapsing our nations politically.

They believe the fault all lies with socialist bad actors. They fail to recognize it was the weaknesses in capitalist ideology that gave those socialists a foothold in the first place.

In 1960 census, USA was 90% white.

Isn’t it just grand how anti-white dindu Joy Reed ridicules whites for being upset that we are being dispossessed and replaced in the country our ancestors built.