HONG KONG Protests ***UPDATE!***

Kind of telling that their idea of a way to freedom is for the citizens to trash their own city. Cochise thinking the protesters aren’t citizens notwithstanding, if these people don’t get straight there’s going to be a lot of pain coming their way.

Yeah we are not trolling here! ( Sarcasm)

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Yeah I saw this story! They must hate the truth!

I’m honestly tired of your agitated manner.

Never trust anyone who is full of excitement.

Monte has a valid point, not that I agree with him, but I’m tired of your abuse of the word “trolling”

Your tired of it because your guilty of it! FYI there has been a issued warning about derailing threads, I advise you to take notice of that regardless of your cuck virtue signaling aside!

Are not the protestors protesting China taking them over and preserving the independence they’ve become accustomed to?

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Yes, it’s basically comes down to the British treaty that China agreed to insuring Hong Kongers would remain autonomous and retain their rights under its constitution! China is now trying to subvert that when they introduced a extradition law which was the catalyst for these protests. The bill has since been rescinded but now that the cat is out of the bag sort of speak Hong Kong residents want Carrie Lam to step down and hold open elections without China’s interference.

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A message from Hong Kong university students who I’ve heard have turned their campus into a fortress.


I never received any official warning.
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Things are not going to improve in Hong Kong in the foreseeable future because, after all, the former British colony was returned to mainland China.

When I visited Hong Kong in the last century, a young local lady who was the tour guide announced that the island belonged to the Queen forever. Well, it was just her wishful thinking.

If the protesters start vandalizing public and/or private property, the government is going to come, no matter what country, except Sweden, probably.

If you’re a citizen in Hong Kong, what’s the best thing to do?
Leave. Don’t participate in the demonstrations. They are not going to change anything, only make things worse.

US Senate Unanimously Passes Hong Kong Bill

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Which is why it’s NONE of our business. But in the permanent war economy that we are in, we must ALWAYS stick our nose where it does not belong.

Not quite

It started as a protest about a Bill which would have permitted extradition to China for (something I can’t remember now) and which would have legalised the ‘disparu’ process.

However during initial peaceful protesting the police were too heavy handed, not to mention the initial “fuck off” attitude from Carrie Lam, and the protest has now morphed into something else which includes police brutality.

My (asian) Indian friend lives in Hong Kong with his (native to HK) wife, and he has been feeding me occasional updates. A while ago I told him to stop in case the internet-listeners cottoned on to him, but this is now getting almost daily coverage from the BBC so he is probably Ok.

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That is pretty much what I said!

…and the Taiwanese are very worried about this. First, the Chinese are starting to infiltrate their government and society. Second, the Taiwanese have been openly supporting of Hong Kong. That and buying an F16 fleet from the US has narked the Chinese.

Well… the protesters have thus far managed to have the offending Bill removed from the agenda. That is a two step win because initially CL verbally agreed that the HK government would not extradite or export anybody. However the protesters said that they wanted all reference removed from the legislative program, and finally they have succeeded in achieving that.

So I blame the stubbornness of the ChiCom puppet for bringing things to this mess.

So what is different than what I stated Exodus? Please enlighten me!

Amen to that…!