HONG KONG Protests ***UPDATE!***

Protests enter their 9th week with another planned this weekend!

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Alternative link by EPOCH times

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LinK 3

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Looks like a sniper shooter was spotted on one of the buildings roofs! In link 2!

Protesters now surround a police station in which a young women was arrested earlier!

How did it end up? …

No news on it yet! We are into Sunday here, so waiting for the next live stream (link2)

From the same website (update)

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China begins to invade HK

Can I get a quick rundown? What’s going on over there?

This protest started due to a policy that would extradite Hong Kong citizens to China to face trial for any criminal offenses. China’s legal system is rigged and citizens would never get a fair trial. Now it has escalated to one in which protesters want autonomy from any rule from China. The protests are now in their 10 week.

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Well this is weird!


But we’re such a racist, xenophobic nation, why would they do that? :sunglasses:


It is weird seeing this and I have many theories on this as to why. Like the Chinese trying to manipulate optics for the sake undermining trade issues, or the protesters trying to get international attention. I hope the US doesn’t get sucked into the rhetoric by others who may see an opportunity to exploit a more sinister agenda!

Knowing the Chinese and how they work I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Chinese agents aren’t behind the whole movement.

If civil unrest turns wide spread and violent enough it would justify the mainland gov’t moving in and taking control wouldn’t it?

The HK gov’t might even officially request that they do and you know they have agents working throughout the HK gov’t, possibly in rather high places.

The kind of money they could come up with to bribe officials into working for them is virtually unlimited along with the ability to appoint them to high places in the new gov’t if one must be installed.

Do they know the words?

Ha ha! That is funny!

Hong Kong raising American flags while our OWN people are burning it, does that make sense? :confused:


Yes it does make sense. The symbolism invoked is a propagandist ploy.

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America is still the standard, let’s make sure it stays that way.

People wanting freedom is a propagandist ploy? How do you figure?