Hong Kong dissidents hoping to take protests to mainland China

One wishes them good luck! …but I can’t help feeling that this is going to end badly.

Yeah! This is just stupid! It’s like ANTIFA deciding they are going to take over a US military base! What could possibly go wrong in a country that doesn’t allow for protest? Tiananmen Square ring a bell?

This year is the 30th anniversary of that event. Some years ago I worked alongside a man who had been in the square, and happened to go home the previous evening … as a result of which decision he is still alive today.

Notice how most of the placard bearers appear to be in their 20s … not even alive when Tiananmen Square incident took place.

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My thoughts exactly. I’m guessing most of these people are too young to understand just how badly it’s likely to end.

Same reason the average military age of males around the globe is probably about 20. At that age they really have no concept of long term consequences and most are just full of shit.