Hong Kong dissidents hoping to take protests to mainland China

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Sounds like your a butthurt snowflake who can’t get over themselves! I am sorry in advance!:rofl::grinning::grinning:

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Hong Kongers don’t like it when they are referred as being Chinese! They speak Cantonese and mainland Chinese speak Mandarin! Cantonese is an ancient language older than mandarin, so there is a huge difference between the two. There is also a lot of Asian Indians and Pakistanis here as well! Don’t know why but they are every where here, as the Indian people seem to always be in the tailoring business! I can’t walk past them without them offering me their business card!:rofl:

Oh I definely get that. Internal factional disputes kept the Chinese Emperors constantly at war for four centuries.

Cantonese … followed by English and Mandarin

Actually followed by Mandarin then English! English is a dying language here due to the enormous invasion of mainlanders here who didn’t speak the language when many of them from the southern parts of China where Cantonese is also spoken migrated and managed to be the dominant culture in Hong Kong! There are pockets where English is still being taught in the schools but it has suffered in recent years as being a dominant language due to the former mention. What is most interesting to me is the comparisons I make with Singapore to HK who chose to gain their independence and maintain English as their primary language, whereas HK decided a more docile discourse ultimately accepting that someday they would return to Chinas sovereignty not realising the impact it would have on their culture as a whole.
As a result Singapore is a thriving country of wealth and a world financial hub of independence with no Chinese influence on its political system whatsoever. Remember Singapore and Hong Kong fell at the same time to the occupation of the Japanese during WWII and afterwards when the war finally concluded went in complete opposite directions! Many Hong Kong people I have talk to have regrets that they did not demand independence after the war, but at that time its hard to gauge if there was ever any thought or consideration for that demand when the world at that time was worn down by its ravages and the toll it took on the lives of many, I can see a more logical conclusion that most probably wanted to get back to normal peace time living than to have another conflict. The two countries share a lot in common and having lived in both places it has afforded me to have certain insights and a unique perspective about their current discourse drawn from their respective histories.

Well that surprises me somewhat. It is my understanding that English is the international language of business.

… perhaps not in the Far East

Also on another note, the tourism industry which is a major contributor to Hong Kong’s economy is really taking a hit due to this latest conflict and rioting! My office is in Tsim Sha Suai where a lot of the high end major shopping outlets is the main attractions for tourists, all the stores which are usually packed with people seems like a ghost town now! It is weird!

It still is in most respects but most westerners who do business here are forced to be bi-lingual and proficient in Mandarin and Cantonese if they are to be successful! Most of the clients I deal with don’t speak English!

Hong Kong airport closed to outbound flights (those arriving are being allowed to land) as protesters ramp up the pressure after weekend ‘excessive police force’ is claimed.

Yeah! Right now everything seems to be calm, as I just arrived in HK today. I am heading to the office tomorrow where its located near that police station in Tsim Sha Suai! Don’t know what to expect but these protests have severely affected our business! Now forces from China are moving in and I don’t have a particular good feeling that things are going to end well now that things are escalating!

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From what I have seen, ‘near a police station’ is a bad place to be…

Yeah I don’t know what regular business hours will be like, last week was business as usual, but today was eerily different after watching Chinese military setting up their Garrisons today which is suggesting a bigger confrontation is at hand! My office is two blocks from that police station so I have no idea if that is still a focus point for protesters right now! Also the Airport is shut down right now and the scene there is unreal and very loud with protesters!

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There is always the Sampan

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The minute your external internet goes down you will now that TSIATHTF

In which case, I don’t know whether being a Lah-wei is a good thing or not!

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Well I can tell you this about the Lao wei thing, I especially don’t like the optics of protesters waving our flag around as if we are going to come in and save the day! Especially with the current trade dispute between our two countries will just make matters worse for me on a personal level. This is nuts and I don’t know what to make of it, but certainly don’t want to be a target here if things should go awry in a hurry, which is possible given that these people now managed to shut down the airport! Anytime a airport is involved that certainly is going to warrant a harsh response especially a military one!

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I hope they won’t be looking at the underside of a tank or tank treads.

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And meanwhile China is accusing the US of interfering…

Yeah so? And your point is? You are trying to post something you have no idea about! This is more propaganda on your part by posting something that hasn’t been confirmed and is speculative at best! Also the footage has already been posted on the live stream version of this issue!