173 kt meteor explosion caught on video from space

I’m a published writer so I don’t need any dictionaries nor grammatical advice from you, thank you very much.

If that’s true you’re simply a liar then.

Facts are not opinions.

Alright I’m an ignorant liar. NOW will you fuck off?

Nobody is dragging you back into this thread again and again after you repeatedly said you were done with it. You can move on anytime.

Alright then - I’ll move on if you do? (dear god make it happen!! lol)

Then do so. Nobody’s forcing you to keep posting in this thread.


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So you lied?

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Great. At least we got that settled.


For Hong Kong related news please go here, or here

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For some reason your links don’t highlight or show in bold/caps.

hmmm… I am only using the linking tools provided by @Patriot

I dunno. Every forum I’ve ever posted on the software automatically highlighted them usually turning the text blue and bolding them.

This platform may be different or they just haven’t enabled those features.

:roll_eyes: If wit were dynamite you wouldn’t have enough to blow your hat off.

It took you 21 days to come up with that?

And you have the gall to imply that I’m witless?

:smile::smile::smile::smile: Priceless. :wink:

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Like I’ve said - my posting time here is very limited - you know . . . I have a life? Shame you don’t get one? :grinning:

I earned my leisure time by working for 40 years. My guess is that is something you don’t understand … like science.

Listen matey - I’m no ‘scientist’ but I’m nevertheless a smart guy, and I recognize fake science when I see it.

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Yeah … I bet you think an IQ of 100 is perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

He has high hopes of one day reaching such a lofty number.