GOP Give Chuck & Nancy Hell for Lying, Refusing New Deal



Looks to me like what he wrote was bases on his experiences.


Do you have a poll, a study or any research to back this up?

I mean, afterall, here you are chastising this board for exactly what you are doing.

I thought he was your good friend and former client. Now it “looks to you like”?

Since it it “looks like” what he wrote was based on his experiences sitting behind a supposed desk, how about you give more weight to the experiences of the people on the front lines who say a wall is absolutely an important element in border control.

Or, are you just cherry picking what suits your narrative?


WHAT is Dantes?..


I had responded to a post in which the poster stated that he trusted the opinion of the people on the front lines.
To be clear, I’m not discounting what people that work on the front lines experience at all. I’m providing you with a statement from someone that has been been there at a high level.
I said he was a friend and client. He still is. I provided you with his entire statement. I didn not cherry pick anything. It suits my narrative but that doesn’t mean I cherry picked anything, it was his entire statement.


Civility is really dantes from another forum.


Kind of interesting how you was able to deflect the thread to something you wanted to discuss rather than participating in the discussion that was in progress.

Kind of like old times. :wink:


Here’s the facebook post That diatribe is from:


Good find RT. I was hoping not to us his name.


Wasn’t my intent, but I’ll take that as a compliment.
My name is not Dantes.


I know. Its Civility. :rofl:

In time we will see what we will see.

I’ve got my eye on you.


Unfortunately, my dyslexia kicked in and I spelled civility wrong, but I am still not Dantes


You do discount what people on the front lines have to say.

You have asked for polls, studies and the like to diminish them as well as to challenge the people on this board who support them over politicians.

There are plenty of people on “high levels” who have their head’s up their collective asses. It is your assertion that you are providing us with a statement from someone at a high level. For all anyone knows, you could have written this yourself.

Hypocritical to the extreme for someone who challenges a backup of data, statistics, polls for anyone besides you. Pretty arrogant of you.

You cherry picked it because it suits your narrative. Hell, that is what liberals do.

It is a complete waste of time to speak with you. You are not here to have an open discussion. You are here to play games. We’ve been there and done that.

You play lib victim as well. “What did I say? What do you mean I deflected?” :flushed:

If you think you can play that game here, you are sadly mistaken.

You put your toe in the water. You have come across as a know it all challenging those on this board. Perhaps you came from a place that gives you false confidence.

You are no longer in your “safe space”.


Then don’t put his rant on a msg board pretty much word for word.


Point taken. Just sharing.


Lot to unpack there.


No you aren’t “sharing”. :rofl:

You have been challenging and condescending.

If you want to hear from like minded people, you’re in the wrong place.

Conservatives here will challenge each other on points of view because we don’t ascribe to “hive mind thinking”.nor will we put up with it.


That is your choice, my friend.


You pointed to a Facebook screed from someone who obviously has an agenda.

The catch phrases are “there is no crisis”; “Parts of America becoming increasingly non-white”; “there is a big difference between a true crisis and fear-mongering and race-baiting”.

Pretty much a dead giveaway, begging to be ignored for lack of credibility.


These guys lost all credibility with me when they started screaming that “Build the Wall” was a racial slur.

They no longer get any of my time or thought.


Yeah, he’s not usually political. That was a rare post from him.