GOP Give Chuck & Nancy Hell for Lying, Refusing New Deal



On whose part? I think you would be remissed if you think it’s only Democrats who played obstructionist! They don’t call them the “UniParty” for nothing!


…and being able to obstruct is a form of power and control. Much akin to the brake pedal on car.


Democrats got caught lying? say it isnt so

is there an honest Democrat out there?


Yes, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to name 2. :wink:




Rashida would look good in an orange designer jumpsuit courtesy of Leavenworth , so would Hillary Clinton.




No Logic



I agree with you. I like the opinions of the peole on the front lines as well. A friend and client of mine is a former federal prosecutor. Here’ s what he has to say.

In my former life, I was a federal prosecutor. In that capacity I was assigned to the “Border Crimes” section and then the narcotics section. I saw alot of what happens, and does not happen, along the border. Very few drugs are “walked” across the border, and those are largely limited to backpacks of marijuana. The other stuff, i.e., cocaine, meth, heroin, fentanyl, is far too valuable to risk to the luck of a person trying to avoid sensors and night vision goggles. It just doesn’t happen. That stuff comes in in cars, trucks, boats, planes and tunnels. Likewise, there are zero “terrorists” and next to zero real “gangsters” – think MS-13 – that walk across. 99 percent of the people that try to cross by foot are poor men and women from Southern Mexico or Central America that want to work in the fields, wash dishes and paint your fence for cheap. As for those few people that actually commit crimes that are here illegally, they are deported following their release from custody. If they return, they are very heavily prosecuted in federal court just for being here. Crossings and apprehensions are otherwise way down from historical highs. There is no crisis. The only crisis is that parts of America are becoming increasingly non-white. There is a big difference between a true crisis and fear-mongering and race-baiting.


I doubt the whole post.

Dead give away. A “Federal Prosecutor” who doesn’t know that “alot” is actually correctly spelled as two words, not one: “a lot”. That is basic stuff.


You’re funny.
He wrote every word of it. I’ve known him for over 10 years and he is a very well respected attorney with a national practice based in San Diego.
What is it with people around here. You don’t like statistics, studies and polls. Is everything based on your feelings?


What is funny and hypoctritical is you are the one asking for statistics, polls and studies. Then you post about a “friend and former client” who is supposed to be a “Federal Prosecutor” who cannot correctly spell a basic word. You then expect “us” to believe you without a source because you are what? So credible?

Then you patronize me and the board for your hypocrisy? :rofl:


I provided stats regarding whether or not Americans approved of the wall, then was told that those held no weight, so I asked for any polls that supported the claim that Americans did approve of the wall


And now you reply to my post with a deflection. (((Yawn)))


Bury your head in the sand if you like. I provided direct responses to you and TWR. Believe what you want, I’m just here for the entertainment value anyway.


Another defection…

I believe where common sense not polls lead me. I don’t need your approval or permission to do so. Critical thinking and being able to extrapolate bullshit from reality is more common to conservatives than it is to liberals. So, I’d expect that you’d need polls and studies by CBS to tell you what you need to think.

I’m not at all interested in why you are here or what you do for entertainment. :wink:


Deflection to what???


And here we go again. Not gonna help you out, buddy.

Seen the play too many times.



20 grins


And your friends opinion wasn’t based on feeling Dantes?