GOP Give Chuck & Nancy Hell for Lying, Refusing New Deal

President Trump met with Republican and Democrat congressional leaders in the White House Situation Room Wednesday afternoon, to discuss a resolution to the ongoing government shutdown.

The meeting ended quickly when Schumer started raising his voice — he had a temper tantrum — and Pelosi refused border security even if the President opened up the government.

The Republicans and the President walked out.

The House only wants to pass their bills to open some agencies without giving anything in return.

President Trump tweeted afterward, “Just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy, a total waste of time. I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier? Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works!”

Vice President Mike Pence came out and explained that President Trump asked Speaker Pelosi if he opened the government very quickly would she agree to fund the wall or a barrier on the southern border and when she said ‘no’, the President said ‘goodbye.’

Kevin McCarthy said Schumer did not explain what happened at the meeting accurately. The President asked for their offer and Pelosi argued there wasn’t a crisis. The President was respectful and Schumer started to raise his voice. That’s when he turned to Pelosi and asked her if we could have border security if he opened the government up and she said, ‘no, not all.’

Mac Thornberry, Steve Scalise, and Kristjen Nielsen reported the same thing.


Left-wing scumbags don’t care one bit about their own goverment workers or the safety of American people…they want to have illegals non Americans as voters.

For them screw American people and their families.

It’s about power at any cost…dictators and terrorist are less feared.


It is about power struggle and ego on both sides of the aisle peppered with a dash of “I could be voted out of office”.

The American people, the majority want border security including a wall.

The democrats are tone deaf, republicans can’t fight their way out of a paper bag so here we have Trump ready to call a National Emergency to kick their asses out of complacency and into gear.


Tonight on NBC, Chuck Todd talked about Trump not being truthful (without saying about what), and that he’s losing support. I don’t believe that. Do you?

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So… Trump supposedly pounded his fist on the table and walked out huh? I hope he hit the table so hard he split it in half. These entitled Democrats need to learn how things get done in the real world. You piss off the executive don’t expect to get a back rub,


No. I believe the Democrats and the MSM must maintain their narrative to maibtain their basic support from Trump haters. That’s all they have.

VP Pence and the other Republicans that were in the meeting said otherwise. Schumer is apparently the one who raised his voice and had a temper tantrum. It’s part of the “accuse the other side of what you do” modus operandi that was adopted by the left decades ago.

I think the President should invite them back for a meeting every day and let the cameras (with audio) be rolling when they walk in. He can say that it’s an exercise in transparency in an effort to let the American people see how they can work together. Chuck and Nancy would likely asked that the cameras be turned off…and leave the meeting if they weren’t. They don’t want the truth of any meeting coming out.

No! It’s about power and being in control!


I <3 this video. It could not be more accurate for the liberals and the dems.

Damn, that is spot on!

Excellent video that is frightfully accurate.

Right now it seems like Nancy and Chuck are still relearning the definition of NEGOTIATION and getting unstuck from their propaganda mode.

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Video spot on.

In regards to Nancy and Chuck negotiating, there is nothing for them to learn or relearn. They don’t negotiate; plain and simple. Their way or the highway. That’s the LIB mentality today. Didn’t always used to be that way and there are still a remaining handful of moderate DEMs. But for the most part, what you see is what you get.

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They will have to budge or Trump will have his way with them.

They are not in a position to just hold on. The border is actually a problem.

My gut tells me that Trump will declare a National emergency and use military funding to secure the border, while opening the Government.

How do you negotiate with a guy that says no to what he asks for. You give him what he wants and when he doesn’t accept it, you reduce your offer.

Trapping themselves in their own rhetoric. :rofl:

Also want to know why they haven’t started impeachment hearing…their base is losing patience. :wink:

They want to taunt him as a negotiator, but they have to actually negotiate to get the better deal.

Doing nothing is lazy.



They gave him what he asked for, he didn’t accept it. Then they gave him a bill he said he would sign. He then said he wouldn’t sign it.
The Dems are right to reduce their offer until he reduces his demands. He walked away from the negotiating table thinking it would strengthen his position. It will only put more pressure on him to come back to the table. Walking away from the negotiations won’t get him more, it will get him less.