GOP Give Chuck & Nancy Hell for Lying, Refusing New Deal



It passed the Senate with a veto proof majority.


Putting pressure on the Senate by passing hundreds of bills the that mealy mouth asshat, Harry Reid let sit in committees didn’t seem to work. Why should McConnell be expected to bow to the bills from the House?

What goes around comes around. That’s why Reid screwed up.


If the R’s didn’t think the President would sign it, why did they basically pass it unanimously? This was a Senate bill. Crafted in 2018 by a Republican Senate. This wasn’t a Dem bill passed in the Dem majority House.


The outcomes of polls depend on who takes the poll, how the questions are phrased and who is asked to respond.

Politico, CBS, Fortune and many others are generally biased to the liberal cause…otherwise, they wouldn’t publish the results and you’d never know a poll was taken.


It passed by a voice vote which was determined unanimous. A recorded vote would likely have been different…and you can’t say how many Republicans would vote to override the President’s veto.


A CBS poll? :rofl:

People want the wall because that was one of the major platforms Trump ran on and he is now your President because of it.

Anyone who doesn’t buy into liberal media and propaganda understands that we have narcotics, human trafficking, etc. coming in from the south and the wall is PART of what we need to secure the border.


That was then and this is now.


They obviously were mistaken.


Would you say the same about FoxNews being generally biased to the conservative cause?

Trump continues to grumble about forcing a government shutdown unless Congress agrees to fund construction of a border wall. (He has apparently given up on forcing Mexico to finance it.) According to Fox, 51 percent of registered voters oppose building the wall; 39 percent support it.


And I rejected it…and before you say that’s because Rush and Ann said so I don’t need their input…or any other conservative peeps.

As for McConnell…he made lot of mistakes throughout the years. Repugs do not represent conservatives all that well.

Does Nancy Pelosi represent liberals?


Let’s not play that silly game. The $25B offer was an installment offer that was subject to refunding in each new budget. The DACA deal was permanent.

So basically, DACA was offered for $25B that might or might not ever materialize over time. This current budget process is a prime example. Had Trump taken the deal DACA would be secure and he would be fighting a DEM controlled house for the next installment. We both know that next installment would have had zero chance of getting past Pelosi.


Pundits, most but not all. There are more than a handful of liberal pundits as well. Journalists are fair and balanced.


This idea that illegal drugs are brought into this country through areas of the border that don’t have a wall defies logic. Which is easier to do: 1. Hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs over mountains and across deserts or 2. Smuggle hundreds of pounds of drugs across a port of entry like Tijuana? A wall would do very little to slow the amount of drugs that cross our souther border.


It’s not gonna get any better than that. He would be getting more $ for a wall today if he had accepted the offer. That’s also the way budgets work. You often have to defend them every year.


Since they are brought in through areas that don’t have walls it doesn’t defy logic.

A secure border means less human trafficking, less assaults on the journey to America, less dead bodies who didn’t make it to America.

It also protects our citizens from the criminals that cross the border, lessens the burden on our healthcare system (emergency rooms) and education system.

There is nothing wrong with legal immigration. But, our border cannot remain porous.


We haven’t forgot Reagan deal with congress back in 86…or 700 miles of board security/fence with Bush the second.

Money up from, contracts sign and field work well under way before any other deals.

Do you expect we should take democrats word?


If Trump is not “trustworthy” what does that make the democrats?


Can you provide a link to any study, or stats that support the concept that a wall will have an impact on drug smuggling?


Are you talking to me in that jackass Robert De Niro voice.

I was referring to democrats reneging in the past. Not just under Reagan but again back around 2006 under Bush. Remember the 700 mile border security?


Link, study, stat? How about the support of the border patrol agents who’ve spent their careers front and center who absolutely support building a wall.

I’ll take the word of someone front and center any day over polls and “studies”.