GOP Give Chuck & Nancy Hell for Lying, Refusing New Deal



Which bill was that again?




Which bill are you asking about? The one the house voted to keep the goverment open 100-0?


I guess I must have missed that…lot was going on 20th of Dec.

So what happen?

Did it go through house of Representative?

The measure will still need to be approved by the House of Representatives and signed by President Donald Trump before it can take effect.


Could you provide the specific legislation you are referring to?

What exactly did they give him that he didn’t accept? Please show me.

What bill did they give him that he said he would sign and then said he wouldn’t? And who exactly is “they”?

In regards to a DEM offer, I have seen nothing. What exactly is it that they have offered??? :confused:


Not sure I understand your question. Do you want me to dig through and find the actual text of the bill?
It had 1.3B for border security.
Are you seriously telling me that you didn’t know anything about the CR that passed the Senate 100-0?


The bill never reached his desk. After it passed the Senate, he said he would not sign it. Paul Ryan never brought it up in the house.


It’s impossible for the House to vote 100-0


Senate. My mistake. Good catch.


Many do not realize that there are two houses of Congress…the Senate and the House of Representatives. Congress members consist of Senators and Representatives. The Congress refers to all of them.




  1. a national legislative body, especially that of the US. The US Congress, which meets at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., was established by the Constitution of 1787 and is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives.


I thought Ms. Pelosi was pretty clear with an offer of ZERO.

The D can perform some actual negotiating or not. There will be political consequences if they do not.

More coverage of the good (Acosta points to fence) and not so good sections of the border will clear up who is being truthful.



1.3 billion?..let me say that again…1.3 billion?

Some compromise.


The Senate voted 100-0 to approve that 1.3 Billion. That was the last bill that the Senate voted on regarding the CR. Why would it need to be amended to $5B. It was approved 100-0. McConnell has since decided not to bring a bill regarding a CR to the floor.
There is no reason for the D’s to negotiate with Trump. He is too unstable to trust. They need to pressure McConnell to bring a bill to the floor.


Well, yes there is. The majority of Americans want a wall built as a component of comprehensive border security.

Define what makes Trump too unstable to trust. He has been very consistent on this matter.


As long as the Ds pass appropriations bills. They will put more and more pressure on the Senate to vote. The political consequences will likely be felt by the Rs in the Senate until McConnell passes a bill to reopen the government.


The 1.3B was exactly what was provided in the previous legislation. In both cases, the legislation stated the money couldn’t be used for a wall.

So basically, DEMs gave Trump nothing he asked for.

So from where I sit, he was offered nothing and he walked away from the offer of nothing. I fail to see how he could do any less than that??


Still needs Trump’s signature. Since he would simply veto any legislation that doesn’t fund his wall, I don’t see McConnel wasting his time.


Well I didn’t see 100/0 vote what I did catch was it was voice vote because they wanted to get it done before holidays.

Either way it sounded like they thought Trump would signed it…he didn’t. Probably from public backlash if he did.

Trump has to answer to HIS constituents which rejected it.

Are you saying Trump should have reneged on those that elected him?


What gives you the impression that most Americans want a wall?
He walked away from $25B offered by Shumer. He indicated he would sign the $1.3B CR. When you are negotiating with a guy that can’t take yes for an answer. His position becomes too unstable to negotiate.


Rush and Colter rejected it. Also Doocy called it a “cave” on Fox & Friends. I guess that does represent his constituency. But you are right, it wouldn’t have been brought to a vote if McConnell didn’t think he would sign it.