Go Fund Me For Border Wall



There’s a lot of hellaciously rough terrain between EP and B’ville. The biggest issue isn’t the peaks it’s the valleys and draws due to flash flooding. They’ll have to be spanned like water gaps in ranch fences with huge hinged gates or something similar.

There will also be areas where it’s just necessary to set the fance, wall, whatever you want to call it several miles back from the border which can create a whole new set of problems.

Strategic fencing and rapid deployment of the BP along with electronic monitoring along it’s lengths as well as the gaps makes perfect sense.

We can’t stop them all but where we’ve already put good fencing in place crossings have fallen by 90-95%. If we can accomplish that along the full length of the border and vastly increase the number of ICE agents by 3-4x we can finally have control of the border and practical real interior enforcement as well.

We don’t need a massive deportation force to try and remove all 12-20 million illegals at once, just enough to to deal with them as they are found. Part of that is going to have to require a final showdown between the fed’s and the sanctuary cities and states which will probably necessitate congress passing a law that cuts off all funding to any city, county, or state that isn’t fully cooperative with ICE when it comes to detainers etc.

No matter what though securing the border has to be the first step or everything else we do is just pissing in the wind.


Scary times…very Orwellian.


Yes, that’s another lie the open borders people peddle shamelessly - you can’t immediately round up and deport 20 million, so you can’t do it at all.

You seal the border, deport a million a year, and in 20 years you get 20 million. There will be a point of diminishing returns, but that’s OK. If the last million or two are hard to find, so be it.

Every single argument for doing nothing is a shameless lie, they know it’s a lie and proving it’s a lie is useless - they keep repeating it like good propagandists, regardless.


It’s going to have to happen a lot quicker than that or we’d have daily and constant news footage of old grandparents who are going to die with out their social security and medicare being loaded into trucks to be sent off to “Who Knows Where” and their dozens of children and grandchildren who are US citizens rioting in the streets.

We can’t seal the borders, it’s simply impossible but we can secure them well enough to cut the flow into a trickle and then int a drip.

One of the biggest obstacles with the illegals already in the country is the fact so many of them are living like citizens on forged documents.

As for the political will, democrats want their votes and especially the votes of their kids and grandkids and republicans are beholding to the national chamber of commerce and other organizations hell bent on keeping them here for cheap labor.

The biggest problem is that we’ve waiting 35-40 years too long to get serious about the problem.


Under no circumstances will there be a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s neither practical nor necessary and would be a huge waste of money. God has put many natural barriers in the way and all we need to do is fill in the gaps between them.

We have the tech to monitor every square inch of the border and miles inside Mexico.

We have the tech to detect any attempts at tunneling as well.

Neither poses a big problem.

What we may need are dedicated satellites and air assets to coordinate strikes when large concentrations get lined up to rush the border and RDF capability for large numbers of BP agents to deploy to those chokepoints left between the sections of fence to interdict them.

Realistically we need to at least double or triple the BP and increase ICE by around 10x. Right now we have less than 10,000 ICE agents todal and there supposed to be responsible for all interior enforcement.

We also need a huge increase in immigration judges/courts to start expeditiously dealing with the backlog of cases.

I did the math one time and even with a thousand new immigration courts it would take something like a decade just to deal with the backlog of existing cases. It’s insane.


By all means produce some actual facts/evidence in support of this fantasy.


Some people simply cannot comprehend the reality the president isn’t the ultimate power in this country.

Nothing but sheer hatred from the popcorn gallery.


That’s the truth. He isn’t a king.


Don’t believe he even thinks that.

The problems we face today is Congress, totally inept refuses to work with the president.

They ignore their job as will the next house. They will focus o trying to get rid of trump at the expense of this once great country.


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I’m free to believe people like you will support screwing everyone in the country and do nothing but support open borders.