Go Fund Me For Border Wall



The Ming Dynasty added 5,500 miles to the Great Wall in under 300 years, by hand. We can do way better than that.


And it can also be far more effective.


Of course we can. They killed about one slave for every stone in the wall trying to get it built as rapidly as possible.

The argument that “Walls don’t work” is a flat out lie. Where we’ve put in good, tall enough fencing so far there’s been a 90-95% reduction in crossings, this is what they fear.

If we ever get control of the southern border we’ll be able to dedicate more resources to interior enforcement and removal efforts.

We don’t need a wall from “sea to shining sea” but we sure as hell need about another 1,000 miles or so and quickly.


The GWC has been awfully effective since it’s inception. Kahn couldn’t even conquer China without circumventing it.


I want a sea to shining sea wall though. I’ll donate $1,000 if they do it with roman concrete too.


I understand the appeal but it’s impractical, unnecessary, and would be a logistical nightmare through the high peaks and valleys.

God has put enough natural barriers in place already to make it unnecessary.

Take a look at Big Bend .


Between the mountains, deserts, and lack of any roads on the Mexican side much of the border from EP to Yuma is either inaccessible or all but impassable anyhow.

Strategic walls/fencing makes much more sense logistically and economically.

Where the border crosses steep valleys and draws there’s also a real problem with flash flooding that has to be considered. Repairing and replacing water gaps is a pain in the ass and gets real expensive in inaccessible areas.


The Freedom Tower was unnecessary too. I want towering concrete! lol


Oh I think the “Big Finger in the Sky” was entirely necessary and proper.


I wanted twin fingers in the sky.


Wouldn’t send quite the same message.


Bullbutter, that’s twice the message. lol


They’d pretty well have to build an identical building on the other side of the river to accomplish that. There wasn’t enough room for two at the old location.