Go Fund Me For Border Wall



Trump just shut the government down over the wall.

Debt reduction remains to be seen. Why do you care about the debt? How does it affect you?

Trumpcare takes effect in a week.


I didn’t vote for him the first time nor will I ever. Did you?


Same here, so we have that in common.


Then why are you whining about campaign promises? Has he not kept the most important ones?

You think Clinton is off the hook?


For someone who asks more questions than he answers (who’s your muse for that, Jesus or that Greek dude?) you don’t listen to the answers. Once more:

I didn’t vote for Trump in the GOP primary. I didn’t vote at all in the general election, as I was disgusted by the two candidates offered.

This isn’t whining, it’s calling out a fraud as a fraud. Again:

  1. no wall, and certainly no wall financed by Mexico as opposed to US taxpayers
  2. no Trumpcare that replaced Obamacare, covering everyone and for a fraction of the cost
  3. Clinton’s crimes will go unpunished (and if you think he’s got something up his sleeve to spring on her, you haven’t paid much attention to what makes Trump tick)
  4. The national debt will in all likelihood be higher after Trump leaves office than when he started

Those were the important ones to me, and to a lot of others. He’s had two years of a Republican controlled federal government to convince me he was the right choice. Miserable failure.


This is what appeasement has caused…

Muslims now less secular, more radical.


Don’t waste your time arguing with that sum bitch.
It ain’t worth it. Just ignore him. He’s just trying to get your goat. He ain’t worth a good god damn.


Katy Texas is a dump. Keep talking poor man.

  1. He just shut the government down over the wall.

  2. Trumpcare starts next month.

  3. What crimes?

  4. Possibly, but it hasn’t happened yet.


Actually it’s not, but it’s irrelevant. I’m not there nor from there.


Sum bitch?

Do I know you?

You really shouldn’t post things you wouldn’t say to the person’s face. It makes you look weak, like a piece of garbage.


Ah… not much for the constitution then?


You have every right to be skeptic about national ID…like everything else it will be abused by CentGov.


I already can see where this is going…


Denounce your neighbors comrade!


I’m a Yank living in the UK… who is denouncing who?..:white_flag:


What did you do to be punished with exile?


The reason I ask is because most liberals claim, dishonestly, that it’s too expensive and can’t be done. Firstly, both are untrue and secondly, liberals wouldn’t support a wall if it was easy and free.

I don’t suspect you of that, but I’m not sure about Mogwai.

The stretch from El Paso to Brownsville follows the river, so the peaks are not an obstacle to a wall. It’s possible that some of the length of the river doesn’t need a wall because there’s impassable mountains next to it, but I wouldn’t trust civil engineers to decide that. I’d get a team of guys who have chased Taliban through the mountains of Afghanistan to spend a few weeks traversing it and spotting places that could be passed, and devising ways to plug the holes.

In any event, we could build a wall that is a very, very difficult obstacle to get around, and nowhere would it be so difficult to build that we shouldn’t do it. If we can’t stop guys who have been deported 6 times from returning, deporting people is futile to begin with.


Nice. Very nice…


Sessions is a gutless Eunuch who never should have taken the job and should have resigned almost immediately after being sworn in.

Sessions exemplifies The Swamp and had no intentions of cleaning anything up from the start.

His appointment was nothing but an attempt to appease the establishmentarians.