Go Fund Me For Border Wall



The scope of the project is determined by the government.

The government will contract it out and the logistics are the contractors job to manage.

The design will b government approved.

And I suspect yo prefer doing nothing and maintain the open borders a democrat campaign promise.


You consistently suspect wrong.


That much is for certain.


Not that a denial will do much but confirm it in your mind, but for the record? No. This is my first and only time engaging this group.


No and he’s not going to. Do you have evidence of this “promise”?


Who has proposed a national ID in the US?


His campaign debates with Hillary, for one. Brought it up more than once, and gave me some hope at the time that we’d see some justice.


No one. I just did.

What does the SF stand for? I thought I read in a different thread it was for San Francisco but that seems off.


Just provide a quote and you get the point.


Ok, one minute to get back to my computer (on cell at the moment)


Huh. Strange, I could have sworn…

No national ID law.


Has there been a general call among some to require proof of citizenship at the voting booth? Is that a bad thing?


Yes. Not the same thing as a national ID at all.

Is it a necessary thing?


We may be getting there.


I’ve been there for years.

Will it be a necessary thing?


What does SF stand for?


Special forces. Like Spec Ops.


Ah, ok. Thank you.

I guess his reluctance to answer is where the Sneaky part comes in. :wink:


He’s a spy by night. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… the Real ID Act is about as close as you can get… when state ID’s are tied to a federal clearing house… it might as well be…