Go Fund Me For Border Wall



He could resign, I wouldn’t hate him then. :wink:


Absolutely none, ya got me. Donald has kept every promise he’s made since descending his gold-plated escalator. Carry on! :rofl:


No, let’s talk about it. Which failed promise?


I asked you before and you ignored me or I missed it after looking twice.


Who do you think is hiring them?

Whose responsibility is it?

How do you propose to do this?

Do you think this isn’t being done already?


As that dumbass sycophant Hannity used to say incessantly during the campaign, “Donald defies political gravity.” He was supposed to be something different, someone who could negotiate and wheel and deal past the entrenched establishment goons and deliver us to a more MAGA tomorrow.

Turns out he’s just another grifting elitist whose promises of getting everything done ahead of schedule and under budget amounted to a bag of fart. I gave the man a chance (even though I didn’t vote for him in the GOP primary and figured he’d be the ruin of the party if he won) but after two years he couldn’t deliver even with his party controlling Congress.


If you insist, let’s start with one of the easier ones that sets the stage for a larger pattern:

“I’ll be too busy working to play golf.”


Agreed. He lied.

Mogwai - 1
Sneaky - 0



National debt to be eliminated in eight years.

Granted, assuming we’re stupid enough to re-elect this disaster he’s still got six years to make good. Am I wrong to think that if the past two years are any indication he’s going to continue to increase it and blame Democrats, or is that just the lib media controlling my mind?


Did he promise to do it?

"We’ve got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt. … Well, I would say over a period of eight years. And I’ll tell you why.”

We’ll see, no point.


Has he assigned a special prosecutor for Hillary yet?


I’m starting to get a monte reincarnate feeling…

These are VERY familiar lines…


Well… as Schumer is quick to say… you can’t do that without congress… and you ain’t got 60 votes in this house…


That is my concern as well. This can has been kicked down the road because politicians want to save their asses rather than protect the country. We need these walls so that the next elected globalist can’t bypass them.


How do you propose killing job opportunities? How do you propose killing accesses to social services?

Do you honestly think we can keep these folks out of the ER? Bar them from sending their children to school? Bar the children in school from being fed?

Once they are here, they are golden and they know it.

Stop them from getting here in the first place. Don’t worry about how much rebar it takes to strengthen concrete. Be more concerned that the funds allocated to build a wall will corrall the illegals into more manageable choke points.


We might be veering toward fascism a bit, but a National ID has been encouraged for voting - why not for all social services including medical care?

Then again, that’s really no more fascistic than a border wall. Cheaper and more practical, too


While I see the value in National ID… I also see value in gun registration … but I don’t have a positive attitude about either. What on earth makes the border wall ‘fascistic’? I suppose that customs officers that check passports at the airport are too… This will be interesting to contemplate…


Muh… between the 14th amendment (ill read as it is) and the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act pretty well gives them basic access… even if it is to see a mother through labor…


It’s possibly Cold War paranoia in me, but a wall used to keep people out can, under the worst circumstances, be easily turned into a wall to keep people in.

Walls, National ID …these are imperfect and risky solutions for anyone who distrusts big government. But something certainly has to be done.


The wall can be dismantled but having spent some time in china several years ago, it is tough to know who is and who isn’t a document checker… papers please…

I would have to say that we haven’t yet started talking about scuttling all of the private boat and the Canadian border is not likely to see a wall any time soon…

Oh… and your rather nebulous definition of ‘Fascistic’ would likely apply to the agency that issues Passports as well…

Just hit 15 million for anyone who cares…


All fair points, no argument here.