Go Fund Me For Border Wall



That would require you killing the democrats who want them here.


Where are the most problematic places? I agree generally, if it’s as you describe, a wall would be superfluous.


Problematic how? In terms of number of crossings? I’d have to check back but probably along the S. Texas border from Laredo to Brownsville.

You can look at the border using google earth and it’ll give you a good idea of what the terrain is like in Big Bend and the mountains of NM, AZ, NV, and CA.

The roughest terrain is probably Big Bend NM and AZ with the most inaccessible being in AZ and NM.

From EP to Yuma there is a lot of really nasty country. Beautiful for sure but brutal.


That can never be done as long as there is cash and a billion dollar industry creating the necessary false documents for them to work legally in the US.


It would require both parties actively enforcing the law. Let’s not pretend the Republicans aren’t equally to blame.


Really? What republicans are declaring sanctuary cities and states?

Without a doubt some are very soft on illegals and willing to “compromise” on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” but they didn’t create this cesspool, that’s all on the dem’s.


Well in one respect I agree with you. The prototype walls that were designed and demonstrated in California had multiple functions, one of them being the ability to detect underground activity to a pretty deep depth and the various anticlimb measures. Democrats have stalled all of that and we are back to building the same wall we had only a little taller… As far as Trump goes… he isn’t building the wall and while you may find the idea that one of his friends is lining their pockets for work done… the wall will still be built and neither Trump or anyone else, outside of blowing it up can ignore its presence.


We aren’t getting what we need or enough of it but every mile and ever foot helps.

Mitch and Ryan ought to be boiled in oil for not getting this done last year.


That’s not entirely true… their are a lot of probusiness republicans who wouldn’t back a visa restriction or E-verify requirement… unless of course you paid them more than the businesses that fill their coffers.


I wouldn’t trust Trump to build a tool shed. The man is a pathological liar and fraud.

Essentially we’re screwed. Neither party gives a damn about border security so long as enough businesses lobby them to keep the cheap labor coming. The only difference is, the Republicans sweet talk us a little before screwing us. At least the Democrats are up front about it.


I’m thinking you have bought into the narrative of the NYTimes and WashPo. He certainly exhibits worrying behavior but the Washington shaking comments are no lie… which is the main reason everyone wants him gone so the boat will stop rocking. While many people … likely you… long for the status quo of the smiling liars who have dominated our politics for a half century, I will put up with Trumps embellishments as long has his rhetoric challenges the direction that our more ‘civil’ politicians, like pid pipers, have been leading us… and for some, quite happily.


The only narrative I’ve bought into is Trump’s track record for the last two years. Failed promise after failed promise, a corrupt administration where the only competent personnel are sent packing or resign in disgust, and a never ending stream of lies and stupidity coming from this clown. I want him gone because he’s not only NOT a repudiation of DC elitist corruption, he’s the embodiment of it.


Explain… I read articles ad nausium that used the words liar, corrupt and slimmy but the pundits that use those words seldom flesh out just exactly what they mean. Just like the entire subject of collusion and being in Putin’s pocket… a whole lot of rhetoric and as of yet only two years of obstruction, name calling, and what in any other arena would be called defamation. I would dare say that if the press, the intelligence community and legal agencies that are supposedly part of Trumps responsibility were to have gone after ANY of the presidents the way they are going after Trump, they would all be considered liars and cheats.

Has Trump done some stupid stuff? bump stocks being a prime example… Yes but given the multitude of problems he is attempting to address with no help from congress and even less from the press, just how far do you expect him to get? I can almost guarantee that if Trump had Obama’s demeanor but his own tenacity to address the problems he currently is… he would be treated the same way except that without twitter, he’s perspective would never see the light of day. The fact is, that he may have grown up in a world of corruption, he is raising issues that the vast majority of corrupt people would soon he STFU… and they are working 24/7 to shut down rather than engage, every single thing he says…

P.S. 14 million and counting… This is kind of like a community passing the hat for a volunteer police force…


That’s not the only definition of the word.


There are those on the right that are borderline left and are as culpable.


I’m a proponent of hiring a hundred thousand or so auditor/investigators to audit businesses for illegals. They appear at a business and they check every employee via e-verify or some type established system. When illegals are verified at the business the business is fined 5K per head immediately. No money, close the business. Check bounces, close the business. The business isn’t required to fire the illegals and the investigator returns as often as needed rechecks all employees and fines again. Rinse and repeat for every employer in the US. Eventually business will get it. The illegals will become a true wards of the state and a true underground cash system only will develop. When found, that is truly illegal and can also be addresses.


The person you converse with is a truly uninformed or ignores reality.

No matter how many times you state, Trump cannot balance the budget without congress its hates Trump.
No matter how many times you state you cannot build a wall with out congress, it hates trump.
No matter how many times you state Trump cannot affect immigration/asylum laws, it hates trump.

One might state it’s a true trump hater as no matter what he does it is hated.


:rofl: what failed promise?


For those areas we can set up monitoring stations, which we should already have and access roads for border patrol agents.


More effective strategy than a 2K mile wall. No trabajo, no free social services, no incentive to cross.