Go Fund Me For Border Wall



And you have zero grounds for that belief yet I have all you previous comments as proof.


You sound pleased with yourself, bully for you. :hugs:


I’m not clear exactly what your solution or series of solutions is to a faction that is dead set on destroying the borders that define our sovereignty and a globalist push that sees business as the ultimate tenet and not the citizen… How do you stop the next Obama from just ignoring enforcement… Well, thats not a very good question because you can’t… but you can put a physical barrier in their way…

So… when we are talking about our national sovereignty, what constitutes a boondoggle?


212,242 people have donated an average of $61.07 in 4 days; about 53,061 donors per day.

I’m not impressed yet.


What constitutes a boondoogle is pouring billions of US taxpayer dollars into a project that may well be a logistical nightmare.

Do you think it might be easier and cheaper to go after the reason people cross the border illegally in the first place? Kill the job opportunities, kill the access to social services, and you kill the motivation to cross.


I’m only speculating here but when you have half of America inviting these people into sanctuary cities and another segment within the republican party that block any efforts at a mandatory E-verify perhaps as a short term fix in a 22 Trillion dollar deficit is a 25billion dollar wall that, once built, will significantly slow down the flow of these hordes of poor women and children climbing over a 30ft wall… Of course you are possibly right… those who seek to defeat the purpose of the wall are active regardless which approach you take…

Yes… people will throw their money at any partisan project…


And I understand the frustration to try something, anything in the face of what always seems like bipartisan support to deter any serious attempt at controlling illegal immigration. Where I diverge is in the idea that a wall is a) even practical, b) not an enormous waste of time and resources, and c) something the powers that be won’t actively subvert anyway.

And of course there’s my natural hesitation to trust anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth.


How do you want to do that? Who do you think is hiring them?


LOL one would think you’re kidding me. 100 thousand dollars so far for ladders?



There is no reason to even have a national gov’t if they are not going to establish, secure, and enforce borders. That is the most basic duty of any national gov’t.


Well he’s breaking every crowd funding record that previously existed and doing so by leaps and bounds.

If nothing else it’s a commendable effort .


You’ve never even seen a foot of our southern border in person have you?

We already have more than 800 miles of fencing in place and most of it is relatively flat terrain and easily accessible even in the most remote areas.

There are some pretty impressive natural barriers as well.

The only problem in securing the border is the will to do so.


OMG you nailed it - I’m speaking from a position of total ignorance! I’ve never left the safe confines of my flyover state, never received more than a 2nd grade education and am functionally illiterate. Once again, your penetrating intellect and keen insight to the human condition has rendered all opposing positions to yours feckless and without teeth. The only thing exceeding your steel-trap mind is the wit of your insults and your rocking bod. Thank you for being you.


Well that was a whole lot of drivel in an attempt to deflect from the question.

Unlike most of your posts though it appears to mostly be true.


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Flirt? I’m not gay and you are mistaking laughing my ass off at your arrogance and ignorance with flirtation.

I’ve never seen anyone who knows so little about so much keep running off at the mouth as though they were an authority on everything.

You’re nothing but an ignorant, hate filled, racist troll; and a mild source of entertainment.


It’s your inability to let a thread of conversation go, despite the way it exposes your inclinations. It’s adorable how irresistible you find it.


Instead of continuing with the flailing how about addressing the question you dodged?

You’ve never even seen a foot of our southern border in person have you?


Totally feasible, maybe not necessary along the entire border.

We built the transcontinental railroad over 150 years ago, a much more difficult thing to do at the time. The people who built the railroad over the Sierra Nevada mountains would laugh at Mogwai’s doubts.

They built the Panama Canal 100 years ago in the jungles and swamps of Panama. 50 years ago massive, complex oil production facilities were built in the arctic circle in Alaska, and an 800-mile trans-Alaska pipeline was built to move it to market.

The people who built these things could do this wall in their sleep.


You don’t know the terrain we’re talking about. These are some of the steepest mountains in the world, very high with jagged valleys and draws.

They are also solid granite along much of the border.

Don’t confuse feasible with possible. It’s possible to do anything but the cost is extremely prohibitive when you get into terrain like that and moreso when you’re trying to punch holes in volcanic rock.

In areas like that physical and electronic monitoring is more effective and efficient. Those areas also tend to be the farthest from human habitiation and thus much more difficult for the illegals to reach in the first place. Those mountains also create a physical barrier that does almost as well at slowing them down as a wall would.

We want to create choke points anyhow so we can concentrate their attempts in the most inhospitable and difficult terrain along the border to make it easier to catch them anyhow.

I’d rather spend our money wisely and put the fencing/wall where it will do the most good. This is going to have to be done piecemeal anyhow since there’s basically no chance of getting enough money to do the whole thing in one funding package.

Using strategically placed barriers is the most effective and efficient means to get where we want to be.