Family sues Universal Orlando Resort over English-only warning signs after man dies at park

There are pictures that give you the full idea. Even if you can’t read, you’d know from the pictures.

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I don’t know. I think that was actually one of the tamer rides there. The Simpson’s ride was way worse. The guy should have just stuck to the E.T. ride though. That one was clearly for kids.

I haven’t been there in a long time. I love Epcot with all of the countries.

Last time I was there I convinced my friend to go on the Mummy ride. I forgot about the roller coaster part. She is terrified of roller coasters. I thought she’d never forgive me. But, I have a great picture from it and now we laugh about it.

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We couldn’t go on it unfortunately. Maybe next time. Epcot was fun. We did the international food festival while we were there.

The family’s 38-year-old father suffered a fatal heart attack two years ago after going on the “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” ride

Seems he’s dead after suffering a heart attack after going on the ride.

Seems I misread that. Doesn’t change my opinion regarding the ridiculousness of the lawsuit though, or the timing.

Pretty sure they’re not legally required to post warnings in every language on the planet. It’s not like they’re holding a gun to Guatamalans heads and forcing them to come here and ride their rides either.

This is the perfect example of taking a company hostage by an ambulance chaser.


My youngest was in a fender bender recently, a woman pulled out in front of her. Nobody was hurt, though the woman who was at fault did say her neck was hurting her, and her barely dented car was undriveable she changed her tune on that when the cop pointed out she was the one at fault. She also mocked my daughter for crying, wish I was there so I could have said, “she’s crying because she feels sorry for how much this is going to cost you”. Anyway, my point is, she started getting calls from personal injury lawyers soon after asking her if she was sure she hadn’t been injured and need a lawyer. Apparently they follow up on public accident reports. So there isn’t much doubt this family was also swarmed by leech lawyers after his death was reported.


I still feel bad about letting my oldest daughter ride space mountain with us years ago when she was six. She swore she was ready for it. She said with tears in her eyes afterwards, “next time we want to ride that, let’s not do that”.

Yesterday she called me to tell me she had just cut up her first cadaver in med school.

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On occasion I’ll turn on the news at noon.

The if your hurt lawyers are flooding the TV with the I got 690K for my accident as they are standing in front of their new mercedes or in their new home.

Can’t decide which is worse, those or the we’ll help you pay pennies on the dollar on what you owe the IRS companies. Either way, they’re sticking me with the bill for it.

It’s pretty sad as few realize that everyone s paying higher insurance pros so they can get their over compensation. Insurance companies decided it was easier paying off the attorney than fighting it in court.

You make out if you get one of the settlements, what do you care if your car insurance goes up a little if you rake in a few hundred grand for a fake neck injury?

Why care about anyone else, it’s all about MEEEE!

I did that one too during my trip in October. I found that one a little intense and I’m well over 40. Not to the point where I wouldn’t do it again, mind you, but still. I can easily see where it might have been way way worse for a six year old.

Aww, I’m sorry for your daughter. Accidents can quite frightening, even if just a fender bender. That your daughter would be mocked for crying is unconscionable.

You have to ask yourself what in the hell is wrong with people these days, right?

I’ll bet she learned a great life lesson through the experience.

That is no joke, LouMan.

I had a guy who claimed injury on the job. Turns out is was a tumor on his femur. Worker’s comp decided a percentage his “pain” could be attributed to his job (manual labor).

Because of the percentage of claim I almost became uninsurable which would mean I’d go out of business.

He hired an attorney and they settled out of court. I had zero say in it.

It isn’t a joke, it’s the reality we face today where litigation is the first option.

One of our ambulance chasers:

98% of our cases settle

The proposed settlement has been revealed to be $420,000. The amount is set to be paid by either Bain himself or his insurance company, State Farm Mutual Insurance Company.

Frank usually takes a 50% cut.