Family sues Universal Orlando Resort over English-only warning signs after man dies at park

“Im too ignorant to know that roller coaster rides are hard on the heart, so you’ll need to have translator of 76 different langues at the front gates with neon signs of said 85 languages and guards speaking 97 languages explaining the potential dangers of the 15-min rides, for 45 mins before I can go and ride it.”

How about one universal sign: “you must be this tall and literate to ride” ?

ORLANDO, Fla. — Should a theme park post warning signs about a ride’s potential dangers in a language other than English?

A lawsuit brought by a Guatemalan family against Universal Orlando Resort says yes.

The family’s 38-year-old father suffered a fatal heart attack two years ago after going on the “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” ride. Jose Calderon Arana, who had prior heart problems, didn’t speak English and his family said in a wrongful death lawsuit filed this month that Universal was negligent by not displaying warning signs in Spanish.

“Universal was aware of the great number of tourists on their premises who do not speak English,” said the lawsuit filed this month in state court in Orlando.

Skull Island had been open about half a year at the time of Calderon Arana’s death in 2016. Using animatronics and 3D screens, the ride recreates a truck expedition through the carnivorous-creature-filled island inspired by recent iterations of the King Kong movies.

Calderon Arana, who ran a major farming operation owned by his family, didn’t feel well after going on the Skull Island ride — his wife thought he had an upset stomach, according to the lawsuit.

He took a break on a bench while his wife and son went another ride. He had collapsed by the time they came back and was taken to a hospital where he later died, said the lawsuit, which also claims there was a delay in rendering aid to Calderon Arana after he collapsed.

A sign at the entrance of the ride says in English, “Warning! This ride is an expedition through the rough terrain of King Kong’s natural habitat. The movement of the truck is dynamic with sudden accelerations, dramatic tilting and jarring actions.” It warns that people with heart conditions or abnormal blood pressure, back or neck conditions, and expectant mothers shouldn’t go on the ride. Besides the English text, each of the situations has an accompanying drawing.

The family’s personal injury attorney, Lou Pendas, said it’s not unreasonable to have ride warning signs in English, Spanish and French so visitors can make informed decisions about whether they should go on the ride. Orlando was the most visited U.S. destination in 2017.

Although it’s difficult to gauge what percentage of visitors to central Florida’s theme parks don’t speak English, local tourism figures show that 6.1 million of metro Orlando’s 72 million visitors in 2017 came from outside the United States. A little less than 900,000 visitors came from three Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America — Mexico, Argentina and Colombia — and more than 820,000 tourists came from Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

U.S. census figures also show more than a quarter of Floridians speak a language other than English at home.

“This isn’t a crazy request or expectation. It’s actually quite basic in this day and age,” Pendas said. “You are asking for international travelers. This is a mecca for tourism. This is a very basic thing that should be thought of for the safety of patrons.”

Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said in an email that the theme park resort doesn’t comment on pending litigation. The official blog of Universal Orlando Resort has Spanish and Portuguese translations.

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Apparently, common sense isn’t basic.


Most likely illegal.

Only in America can you come here break numerous laws and sue/

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Hey bigot, dont you know that the deceased person is a well-respected botanical & agricultural engineer?

Calderon Arana, who ran a major farming operation owned by his family

Entrance to the ride. I think a stack of skulls pretty much means the same in any language.

It’s not a “My Little Pony” ride.


Maybe his doctor should instead be jailed and lose his license for not informing his heart patient that strenuous activities like riding a roller coaster can be fatal for people with bad hearts instead?

Seriously, is no one responsible for their own stupid decisions anymore?


inb4 the doctor/hospital will be sued for “not explaining the heart condition in Spanish”.

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Does that mean he planted tomatoes in the back yard of the rental???

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Besides the English text, each of the situations has an accompanying drawing.

Maybe he didn’t take his glasses that day.

If you are in a Country where the primary language is English then the signs only need to be in that language !!

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The whole thing is a bunch of BS, the rest of the family is English Literate.

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Why did his wife not discourage him from going on the ride?

They aren’t ignorant people, they run a major farm operation. I doubt they don’t read at least some English or have such a low I.Q. that they cannot interpret drawings.

They simply disregarded the warnings. The thrill of going on the ride and “that can’t happen to me” overrode any caution they should have taken.


It does take much of an IQ to game the system and YES they are very low IQ !!

Is the expectation that one can go to a foreign country and make these kinds of demands on the natives? Every song and skit any theme park in America is going to be in English. I hope Universal doesn’t settle on this. They need to fight until the ambulance chaser representing these Guatemalans is bankrupt.

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I highly doubt they are low I.Q.

They made enough in discretionary income to afford a Disney vacation which is pretty pricey. Running a major farming operation takes quite a bit of intelligence and skill.

They displayed poor judgement and now want someone else to blame and pay for it rather take ownership.

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Exactly… … This is just another slip and fall lawyer trying to use them for profit.

There’s no evidence of that. Someone of “low IQ” cannot run a successful large scale farming operation.

Smart people take stupid risks every day thinking the odds won’t catch up to them, sometimes they do.

That’s the point stick to it ! And what makes you think farming is a smart persons trade ?

Did the article say he was farmer or that he ran a major farming operation?

I think farming involves quite a bit of intelligence if you are going to be successful. Imagine just the amount of pests they need to be able to identify and control without harming the crops or soil. Equipment and what works and can increase profitability. Management of labor and negotiation skills for sale of product.

Washington and Jefferson were farmers.