Family sues Universal Orlando Resort over English-only warning signs after man dies at park

He had multivessel coronary disease .

Seems that is his issue not Disney Worlds.

He had a prior heart condition — his attorneys could not provide more specifics on his medical history — although his cardiologist had cleared him to travel and go on vacation, they said.

Doctors up next.

And the attorney:
Attorneys specialty areas:
Personal Injury
Automobile Negligence
Wrongful Death
Nursing Home Negligence
Medical Malpractice
Premises Liability
Products Liability.
Only thing missing is ambulance chasing.


Try running a large farming operation yourself for a few years and get back to us on that.

Just another Darwin Award nominee…

Unfortunately between congress, state legislators, and activist judges we as a society have all but eliminated Darwin’s law.

Fortunately they haven’t completely succeeded.

This happened in 2016. Why the lawsuit now?? Oh that’s right statute of ilimitations.

The lawyer says he ran a major farming operation. Just search for information on his alleged farming operation, doesn’t exist.

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I realize this is hard for young folks to understand but not everything is on the internet, especially information from developing nations that haven’t even begun to digitize or make public all records.

Or maybe an old man who just didn’t care because he’d already lived a full life.

I had a friend who was slowly dying from cardiomyopathy who was also AB-.

Basically the doctors had told him to spend the rest of his life doing nothing more strenuous than laying in bed or sitting in his easy chair.

After a few months of that he decided to go on about his life and enjoy it for however long it lasted.

He died bird hunting behind a dog that I gave him.

I’ve been on that ride. Funny enough, they provide glasses.

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Give it time. They’re steadily working on being able to sue for being offended.

An event that happened 2 years ago.

Wonder why it wasn’t so important until now.

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An excellent excuse.

That’s easy. There wasn’t a potential payday two years ago because he only talked to his lawyer about it last week.

You mean the family talked to the lawyer last week. Or did the lawyers seek out the family with promises of money?

Either way. The point is it didn’t occur to speak to an attorney when it happened two years ago for obvious reasons.

For reasons obvious to you.

Well… regarding why people do things… that are not always rational…

I know someone who got tired of walking on eggshells with a bullet in his lung, close to his heart and one in his back, close fo his spine. The emergency surgery at the trauma center left them in because they were in dangerous areas. There was already plenty damage from surgery in the abdomen. So they just loaded him up with antibiotics.

Is jumping down off a pickup dangerous? What about falling? What about bending? What about… enough! After a few months, he decided to get on a roller coaster to see if he would be OK under such forces. And it turns out… he was. And … as far as IQ goes… well… he isn’t too shabby, considering his education, publications, and patents.

So maybe the guy was doing a similar test?

Although I think people who enter the U.S should learn how to speak English, there is lots of tourism in Florida due to Disney World and Universal Studios. A warning sign in Spanish may not be a bad idea.

Yes, but he did not know the ride would exacerbate heart issues. Then again, it is a well-known fact that if you’re pregnant, just received surgery, or have heart issues, that you shouldn’t get on the more exillerating rides…

But that mugh not make a difference legally.

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One would think he has a great case against his physician who clears him for vacation.

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Obviously. Have you been there? My wife pulled out her inhaler and several employees freaked. If the man were truly having issues as he claims now, he would have gotten help at the time. Of that I have no doubts. I was just there back around October.