Family sues Universal Orlando Resort over English-only warning signs after man dies at park

It’s always about the money…and has nothing to do with justice.


If you have a bad heart you’re not supposed to do anything strenuous or taxing. Any heart patient that doesn’t understand that a roller coaster is both is a walking , talking potential Darwin nominee.

If we follow your logic here the family would have a cause of action against his heart doctor for not specifically warning him about roller coasters.

At some point we have to say “enough is enough” and hold people responsible for their own decisions. It is impossible for every business in the country to post enough warning signs to warn people with every imaginable condition nor is it reasonable to demand that they do so.

Thinking like this is why you can no longer buy a gas can made in the US.


Bingo, you win.

It’s always about the money.

LOL, this is the US we are talking about. You know the land of over 60% obese/over weight people who demand cheap healthcare that continue to make poor lifestyle choices year after year.