Exposing the Fraudulent "Jitss617" AKA Jason Warren: VOTE NOW! ♠

First off lets start off by debunking the many lies that Jason has told here that I am sure most here are familiar with and are smart enough to know not to fall for them.

  1. Putting to bed that I duplicate his threads therefore justifying his actions to just duplicate my threads whenever he wishes, which Jason has been doing for quite some time.
  2. Proving that Jason’s Pseudo Account aka 'American King" is his burner account and are the same people
  3. His past behaviors of changing Post taglines and posting fake conversations
  4. Stalking Behavior of other members here
  5. The outrageous lies he has told here in the past finally debunked.

Part 1

The Duplicate Accounts ( Accounts with red Check marks denotes that Moderators already removed the duplicate accounts


In the below sample, Jitss617 purposely changed his title to include Kanye West in order to undermine my original post. (A game he was playing at the time)

There are over 20 threads here that he duplicated but there were much than that.

Part 2

Jason’s Pseudonym Burner Account aka "American King

Here is when he first posted within minutes using the same name under Jason
after which I called him out on the fact he didn’t even bother changing his name then changed to Tony Santapio (a Pizza joint In East Boston that Jizzer works for)

When doing a google search on the name Tony Santapio
this is what comes up.

A pizza joint in the 617 area code/ East Boston

Here are some examples of past comments made by Jason’s burner account “American King”

Sample one

Came at a time when Jason was actively changing people’s taglines to posts not only mine but of tt53 and a few others here. So the fact a supposedly new poster would know and make threats of changing headlines is a tell (reveal) a behavioral trait that only belongs to Jason

Sample 2

Notice and emphasis on the word “pickle” Why? Not everybody uses that term in todays vernacular and is unique only to what Jason’s has used in the past.

Sample 3

Emphasis on the word and name Vernon Jones. Jason has used that term many times because he was incapable of thinking anything new or original to use as an insult. Comedy. Here Jason is using it again but using his fake account American King

Sample 4

Same MO and stalking behavior where he uses both accounts to leave a maniacal creepy smile on people’s posts

Here is another but this time just using his burner account. The behavioral and marker is the same

There are other examples but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to arrive at the same conclusion that Tony Santapio and Jason Joseph Warren are the same people.

Lastly, when he was called out for his fake account, he conveniently made some changes to AKA Tony Santapio" fake account by changing it to a private profile.

I guess he wasn’t smart enough to think about all the details before creating his fake account. Which goes to show he is not a very bright individual and the lies eventually will catch up to you.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Part 4

Changing posts taglines of other peoples thread topics and Posting fake conversations

Sample 1

Changing other peoples thread topics as a means of retaliation

Sample 2
Making up fake conversations and inventing fictitious events

5 Jasons many made up fantasies!

There is many more but too many to list, but when I have time I will find them and update it here.


This is who Jitss617 aka Jason Warren and his past actions. He is a pathological liar and he will do anything to appear innocent when in fact he is the source of this sites problems and conflicts.

He instigates trouble with almost every member here
He stalks members by sending them intimidating personal messages
He makes up fake accounts that goes by the name “American King”
He has for the past year and a half duplicated over 45 of other people’s accounts in which moderators had to come in and clean up. 20+ of those accounts are mine as you can from above.
He plagiarizes other people’s written work and was caught doing so in the past
He is also violating this sites rule by purposely bumping his posts out of spite when no one reads them.

He has been warned before but continues to be a childish poster here who offers no value in terms of having civil conversations, but instead continues to engage in negative behavior that is bringing this site down in terms of quality of the posts he creates and his negative behavior towards other people here.

He has also chased away other members who no longer want to come here because he is spamming up this site with his boring and self indulging posts that he makes about himself and not the content of stories that people want to talk about. He has personal vendettas to grind so he makes everything personal and about him instead of discussing topics and participating with other members on this site in a peaceful civilized manner.

We will be signing a petition to have Jitss617 to be permanently banned from this place forever. We ask that you read over everything that was presented and check the facts for yourself despite Jitss617 overtures that he is innocent and denies everything, which in truth instigated everything from the beginning but fails to take any responsibility for his faults.

When he is not here Political Bullpen is rather a peaceful place and most follow the rules. Jitss617 has done nothing but break the rules, disrespect the founders of this site and lowers the over all discourse of this site with his shallow intellect, childish retorts, and thoughtless posts that offers no value to this place. For that we would like to consider banning this poster from posting on this site for the above reasons given. Please consider this posters past actions as he continues to lie as any pathological liar will, and not allow him to post here anymore.

@Patriot @KVN @Tyfoon

  • Should Jitss617 aka Jason Warren be banned from PB?
  • yes
  • No
  • Should Jitss617 only receive a 30 day suspension and put on Probabtion?
  • Yes
  • no

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Umm you duplicated all my threads, then cry wolf, you been crying on here to the mods for a long time. How much money have you donated to get away with these “bait threads”?

It’s annoying and childish.

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Again you continue to lie even when confronted with the truth! The moderators also know you lie and caught you plagiarizing other people’s work and duplicating threads. In the end they will side with the one who is providing the evidence and exposing you as a liar which every body here knows that is all you ever have been because you are such a pathetic loser. You lose at life and you are desperate to win here with your fake and phony claims!

You have been exposed and no matter what you say, these are your actions that you committed in the past!

Now go suck a dk!

  1. You bully ppl.
  2. I check you , you can’t handle it.
  3. You duplicate my posts because you didn’ Create the thread.
  4. I call you out, and report you to the mods, you lose all self control and photo shop fake posts.
  5. You create bait threads which @Tyfoon has said is against the rules.
  6. You participate in provoking attacks against me, then cry wolf.

Get a life.

Oh I must have hit a nerve because now you come with more bullshit and phony accusations that I am bully. Whats the matter? Not used to getting punched in the mouth with the truth? Now you are crying like a little bitch here?

Want me to fuck you up the ass too bitch?

Nobody duplicated your posts. You started this entire bullshit from over two years ago and still like the immature asshole that you are and can’t take personal responsibility for your own actions, and now are carrying on with these false accusations of I am victim, or oh you duplicated my threads bullshit.

I call you out, and report you to the mods, you lose all self control and photo shop fake posts.

What did the mods do? They deleted all the threads that you were duplicating, and called you out for plagiarizing other people’s work. Nice work retard!

You create bait threads which @Tyfoon has said is against the rules.

Another big fking lie of yours as usual! The truth is Tyfoon thinks you are fking moron and if he was here your ass would have been gone a long time ago. But go ahead provide the proof which like most of the claims you make here is fluff turd with no substance because everybody here knows you are full of shit!

You participate in provoking attacks against me, then cry wolf.

Look in the mirror LOSER! I give back what you dish out. The difference is I am not crying about it like a little bitch like you. You started everything here. In fact just as this post illustrates, you have conflicts with almost every member here.

This place will be better when they finally ban your loser ass!

Now kindly fk off!

Look at you on a forum dedicated to free speech, and you have a Soviet style online trial to silence some who doesn’t put up with cry baby bully antics. Lol

Get a life no mod is listening to your pathetic ass. Go on some left wing style board where they ban you for speaking the truth because all you do is photo shop
Cocks, fake posts and lies.

WAA WAA WAA Jizzard crying about free speech! Hilarious!

Its you that needs to get a life! Who is bumping threads that no one is responding to? Huh? Sounds you don’t have much of a life past this place and that typically signifies LOSER!

I didn’t photoshop, these were your duplicates, false claims of dating Russian models, playing James Bond, claiming you are a celebrity and appearing on television, and radio shows, there is so much more bullshit coming from that the lies is just too many to list. What does that say? Its says and screams loser in life and a person trying to recreate their fantasy’s on the internet. Except no one is buying your bullshit, and hopefully the moderators will see it too.

As far as trying to label me a liberal, that is rich coming from some racist asshole from Boston who voted twice for Mitt Romney for Governor, but we know you will lie about that too. You will never be half the American that I am,and for that fact you remain insanely jealous of me to the point I live inside your head rent free everyday. I think you wake up every morning thinking about me. Think about how power and control I have over you.

You are a fucking pussy just like your loser sports teams!

I am your daddy! Now go choke your chicken fktard!

You have done nothing but attack me from the very first day here. Sent me personal intimidation messages and you call others here a bully? I find the irony rather deeply disturbing on your part. It says you can not be truthful with yourself, on anything.

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Is this you pathetic come back to to excuse your werid stance you have tk control every tread on here, and if you don’t you bait posters to engage in your childish games. And think because you donate you can’t silence ppl? Lol

Get a life… hey mods this guy in an instigator provocateur I can’t handle it when someone shoves it back in his little face.

Aren’t you friends with manny off the site? Aren’t you complicit in bumping his duplicate threads? To provoke and bait?

Yea go F off foreigner lol

As someone who takes no sides, you provoke jitss quite often. Funny seeing you cry like a biatch, because he gives it back in CHAT… off the board. Like the rules say to do.

Shut up Jizzard! You fking retard to keep selling your other burner account! You are pathetic fking loser here.

When they ban you, hope they make sure they ban this account to!

How do you explain the person intimidating messages?

And no I don’t have to contribute to any of your threads. Is there a rule saying that I am suppose to?

Is this you pathetic come back to to excuse your werid stance you have tk control every tread on here, and if you don’t you bait posters to engage in your childish games.

Are you capable of writing a coherent sentence to save your life? ENGISH PLEASE!

6th grade education on display here.


you bait posters to engage in your childish games.

And you are just retarded enough to fall for it, exposing just how stupid you are.


Get a life… hey mods this guy in an instigator provocateur I can’t handle it when someone shoves it back in his little face.

Hey Moderators this is what reverse projection looks like. Cry like a little bitch and play the victim. WAAAA WAAAA WAAA! So much now your using your fake account!

You should get a life. But no one likes you so you have no friends and you have to use fake burner accounts “AMERICAN KING” to give the illusion someone here agrees with you.

You are the biggest loser here Jizzard and everybody knows it!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I just signed up looking for a free speech forum, and I see an attempt to silence posters? Is this that type of forum? If so I’m outta here!

Can’t be that intimidating if you keep provoking me one the board, and being complicit in bumping your best buddy (hot tub buddy) duplicate threads. Maybe you show some respect first. Lol you cry baby biatch lol

And this is your first response? Yeah ok! another Jizzard burner account! Who votes for Jizzard. What a coincidence!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Why are you upset some many disagree with you?

Welcome these two are best buds off the site and are complicit in provoking bait threads, to remove ppl they disageee with. They are a small minority. Stay on.

You mean all of your personalities? Another account whose profile is not pubic.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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