Ending Birthright Citizenship

President Trump has stated he will sign an Executive Order ending Anchor Baby birthright citizenship in the U.S. Few (if any) other nations are as lenient with birthright citizenship as the U.S. has been.

This controversy has festered because of what is arguably a misinterpretation of a clause in Section 1 of the 14th Amendment:?

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. "

The clause “…and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” is what opponents of birthright citizenship are basing their objection on in that illegal immigrants have never been subject to our jurisdiction, but are still subject to the laws of their home nation.

He stated this over a year ago and still hasn’t done it.

He repeated it yesterday 8/21/2019

Yes. I am aware. My point is I am getting sick of his all talk no action bullshit. He needs to stop threatening and start doing. Actions speak louder than words. This country is being invaded and the invaders are squatting out kids and then they get to stay here because if them.


Likely it is a trial balloon. It does open the subject up to discussion. We can only hope he does follow through this time.

If he doesn’t then he will have lost my vote. He ran on a hardcore immigration platform. To date, Obama was tougher on illegals than Trump has been.

If he does sign this, what would happen to the hundreds of thousands of babies born to non-citizen parents here now claiming to be citizens.

It should be applied retroactively. If the parents were here illegally then the children lose citizenship because of the bad decision making of their parents.

That’s not our problem.

If he does the courts will slap it down hard.

The only way we’ll end BC is by amendment.

No, democrats didn’t get in Obama’s way, he was never as hard on immigration as Trump.

SCOTUS needs to make a decision on this. It hasn’t yet taken it up. The language and original intent of the amendment seem to be clear.

There have been numerous previous cases on birthright citizenship going all the way up the ladder to SCOTUS particularly in the mid to late 70’s into the 80’s which opened the flood gates.

Any references to those rulings?

Start with 1898 Wong Kim Ark .

Wong did not address birthright citizenship but ruled against the Chinese Exclusion Act

I can appreciate your sentiment on the issue because it is infuriating but when a President is sued every time he sneezes and is determined to obey the law, it takes time to wind the asinine law suits through our Judicial System which along with everything else in Government has been corrupted by far left activist Judges so it’s all bullshit resistance that liberals are shoveling that prolong the process on what needs to be done.

Birthright citizenship like we have now wasn’t even a thing until the 1960s.

Yes it did, it specifically addressed BRC and granted it to Ark even though both of his parents were Chinese subjects illegally present in the US.

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The SCOTUS disagrees.