Ending Birthright Citizenship

The important distinction that you seem ignorant of is that Wong Kim Ark’s parents were legal aliens in the U.S.

No they weren’t. … .

Yes they were…

Which will never happen.

Don’t be so blackpilled. Now DHS will basically be holding the illegal aliens till they get deported. No more letting them go and expecting them to come back for trials and so on. They will be held till the deportation process starts.

But I think the bigger piece of news is that Trump said they are still looking at birthright. Which basically means they are still trying to find a way to actually get rid of it. Looking for a way that is basically (((globalist))) proof. Meaning the left can’t stop them. So far they haven’t stopped much and all they have done is delay.

I know some people will say “But he hasn’t done anything yet”. Just talking about it is a big deal. Lot’s or normies have been brainwashed into believing that people who are born here are automatically granted citizenship and that’s not what the 14th amendment says at all. It’s been twisted. People have attached interpretations to it that just aren’t there.



Guess he’s realized he has to actually do shit for his base if he wants to win 2020. Good. I don’t care why he does it, only that he does.

Ending birthright citizenship would make up for his complete failure of a presidency. Well…almost.

Ending birthright citizenship would hit like a nuclear bomb. It could affect his re-election and impact control of the House so he may want to wait until his second term. By that time, he may be filling a Supreme Court vacancy with another conservative and he’ll have a better chance for a favorable decision. But even conservative justices won’t jump to grab this hot potato. I agree that the 14th amendment didn’t require birth right citizenship for aliens in the first place so ending it would not violate the constitution. I assume that, if he ended it by executive order, he would be directing federal agencies to reflect his view of citizenship on official documents like passports.

You’re kidding right…:roll_eyes:

How would you like a Democratic Party president to amend the constitution via EO. Say maybe the second amendment to the constitution, hmmm?

Uh yes it did.

If Wong was NOT a citizen, he would not have been allowed back in the country. BOTH his parents were chinese and went home. Wong went to visit them and was denied re-entry. Court ruled that since he was born on US soil, he was a citizen and had to be allowed back in.

What was an Illegal alien back in that time?

Please give me a definition.

His parents were since there was no legal mechanism at the time by which Chinese could immigrate to the US.

Except that the 14th Amendment says nothing about the children of illegals born in the US and it’s intent was simply to once and for all settle the question of birthright citizenship for blacks born in the US of parents who were slaves.

Declaring the children of illegals born in the US to be born citizens was strictly the work of the courts.

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Yeah, it’s funny how it’s just the court working when they don’t like the decision, language to diminish the authority of the ruling, and settled law when the court rules in favor of their position as with the individual application of the second amendment…:rofl:

No need to change the U.S. Constitution. It clearly states " … and subject to the jurisdiction thereof."

… and when he was born in the U.S. his parents were legally in the U.S. and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

Then there won’t be any EO’s from Trump.

Kind of hurts doesn’t it…

Is applicable to those born here, not the parents.