Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


Yeah, sure. :roll_eyes:


Your comprehension of what an advantage offered to minorities means to people who are not offered that advantage, is terrible.


The NAZI Nuremberg Laws pioneered our Affirmative Action Laws.
Affirmative Action mimics Nuremberg in that it codifies race as a legal determinate in hiring, education and other aspects of national life.
Proponents of Affirmative Action and racial set-asides are the cultural heirs of Nazi Germany.


Oh really now?! That’s new.

Tell me exactly who loses when a minority gets a job? Show me their face.


White people weren’t/aren’t offered an advantage?! That is what you are going with? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. This is incredible.


So, you think discrimination based on race is funny?


I am quite dissappointed with good people here trying to chase down lib/prog trolls here and hoping to kick their fieldgoal win thru the lib mobile goalposts.

I have seen this several times, they will over-run us if not repelled.

Model it on World War Z, or the Walking Dead, but we are now moving down one of those roads.


The person who didn’t get it because a minority was given preference.

Seriously, you should have quit long ago. You’re well beyond just making a fool of yourself and proving what a fraud you are.


Who is this person? How would one know that they didn’t get a job specifically because a minority got it? Is the reverse true? Have white people ever received a job at the detriment of a minority? Or are white people the only faceless victims?

Hey watch this… I can cherry pick data just like you. I’ll see your government job example and show you this

In manufacturing only 10% of the jobs are done by black people. They are underrepresented in manufacturing. AA isn’t working. See how that works? No advantage.


Anytime one is given preference for a job or position on the basis of race, which is exactly what AA is for, someone else is denied the same position based on race.

The rest is just a deflection.


This is yet another real gem.

Manufacturing jobs are location specific, the federal gov’t is not.

Try again.

The courts have struck down most AA requirements in the private sector and in University Admissions too so there is that as well.


I’m sorry, but I didn’t ask if there was a ‘record’ of a murder, but rather simply if there was a murder.

If I steal a candy bar from the 7-11 and on’t get caught, did I commit theft?


If I steal a candy bar from 7-11 and I don’t get caught, did I commit theft?


Of course it does. The programs aren’t for whites, despite the fact that white males are a minority in this country.

How is one group advantaged if another group is not disadvantaged? Who is the advantage over?


Yeah, that’s how it works.


Yeah, that’s how it works. Charged and proven.



Why would I compare minorities to Asians… who are also a minority.

So what?

I am refuting the claim that somehow minorities have advantages over white people in the workplace.

Once in the workplace they have the same advantages as everyone else.


So then I didn’t steal the candy bar?

How would you describe how I got the candy bar?


And so are federal government jobs… are you this dumb? Are federal government jobs in every… state? City? County? If they aren’t then they are too location specific.


You are making the same mistake DMK and TWR are making with my position. You are taking a micro view of my position. I am not. I am talking about the whole system. As a aggregate percentage, minorities don’t have any advantages in the workplace OVER white people. Numbers show this.

AA was there to help minorities get out of the ditch they were in as far as jobs are concerned. They started from a negative position(being underrepresented). AA sought to bring them closer to a even or positive position.