Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


Yes well all empires eventually fall. For the USA, I strongly believe it’s no longer a question of if, just a matter of when. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Not sure why you believed him. He also claimed to be a libertarian when he first showed up here. That didn’t hold up for more than two of his posts. :laughing:


Your reading comprehension is terrible.

I said that minorities don’t have advantages OVER white people. Meaning that AA doesn’t provide a leg up on white people. Data shows this. If AA benefited minorities OVER white people then you would see a larger percentage of employment racial demographics for minorities than you do for white people as a percentage of their population. You don’t.

For example I can take steroids to give me an advantage lifting weights…it doesn’t mean that the advantage will allow me to beat the best weightlifter.

Slow down and learn to read before you fail to post.


Still nothing of substance huh?


That depends on your definition of affirmative action.


I’m going with the definition used by the federal gov’t, the states and corporations that practice it.


What definition is that?


Let’s look at Federal Employees since the Federal gov’t has been the single largest practicioner of AA.

Blacks make up about 13% of the population but 18.5% of the federal workforce.

Asians make up about 1.25% while Hispanics make up about 17% of the population.

Asians make up about 5.7% of the federal work force while Hispanics make up around 6%.

Black, Asian are both significantly over represented while whiles and Hispanics are both underrepresented.

Once again you have no idea what you are talking about as usual.


To give identified minority groups an advantage in hiring and promotion.

At one time it was so blatant in the military that you could get up to 300 promotion points based solely on minority status.


Still projecting huh? :laughing:


What is meant by “advantage” and is that a federal definition?


Start right here.



Don’t be silly. Anytime one group s given an advantage, it is at the expense of other groups.


An advantage given on the basis of race is always given at the expense of the others.

Management my ass. You’re a fraud.



My, don’t you have a high opinion of yourself. :smile:

I suppose that’s good. Nobody else does. :wink:


Are you suggesting that people who discuss what they are/do/have should not be believed?


Or, as in this instance, a rumor.


When they demonstrate their claims to be false you bet.


How do you know his claims are false?


Can you tell us which one? I may want to sell my stock. :stuck_out_tongue: