Elizabeth Warren in deeper trouble


Your “numbers” are only for results. You accepted even the challenge to your assertion that minorities did not even have an advantage in “opportunity”. And you were given facts that refute your position. But you pretend you do not see.

The progressive liberal indoctrination that minorities receive turns most of them into people with real mental illness and a victim complex… unable to leverage the greater opportunity into measurable results.


heh heh a very liberal friend of mine once referred to that freeway as “the coal chute”


Innocent until proven guilty.


I don’t give a fuck what it sought to do. It advantaged to somebody else’s disadvantage. It really is just that simple.

You are arguing morality.


I don’t know about this guy, but liberal dufuses in management is pretty common here in California. Liberal dufuses are everywhere.


I’m not asking how I would be perceived by the court of law. I am asking how you would describe how I got the candy bar.


If you are taking that position then minorities are disadvantaged compared to white people because they have the advantage in the work place. How can minorities be both advantaged and disadvantaged?


Back to playing word games I see.

Prior to the civil rights act being passed by LBJ, minorities were at a disadvantage.

The Nixon administration banned an early aggressive but effective tool that helped poor people to get hired and forced corporations to use a safer tool of hiring people” college degrees”.

Prior to this ruling, companies used aptitude testing to screen potential employees of all socio economic backgrounds, this is why so many poor and underprivileged people especially in the African American communities had job opportunities prior to the 70’s.

Nixon made up for this error by pushing Affirmative action and as we can see the unintended consequences from his actions

Skip forward 45 years and now the push for diversity seems to be high on every one agenda, from the Military, down to police to retail.

With the exception of highly specialized companies like Google, facebook and other tech like companies most companies spend their time making sure their company looks diverse as possible.

They dont want to be labeled " racists" today.


Innocent until proven guilty.


Did that make sense to you when you hit reply?


Just as much as your reply…


Let me ask you both a simple question. Maybe I need to break this down further.

what is the percentage of white people workomg overall? How does that percentage align with the total percentage of white people in this country?

Same question for black people, Mexicans and Asians. My hypothesis is that white people are still over represented and if so… how can AA be an advantage? Being white would seem to be more of an advantage than being black, for example.


It made no sense at all to me.


You think only 13% of black people are working?


Numbers …

There is an old adage: “figures lie and liars figure.”

Numbers can be manipulated to show pretty much whatever you want them to show. The fact is, a non-minority who loses out on a job, a promotion or a slot at the university of their choice because a minority was given preference, has been put at a disadvantage by the advantage given to the minority. That is not a moral judgement, it is a straight up fact. And no manipulation of statistics will change it.


you do know the bureau of labor stats answers this question right?

AA is advantage for Federal government job, African americans make up now 17% of people employed by the federal government, so if the unemployment rate of African Americans according to the latest numbers from the Fed is 6.8 % overall its 4.9 percent, the unemployment rate for Hispanics if around 5.9% and hispanics make up 7.3% of the federal government work force


cant tell me that AA isnt in effect.


Easy. As my dad used to tell me, life’s not fair.

Regardless of the noble reasons behind affirmative action, the fact (facts have no morality) remains, one person’s advantage is another person’s disadvantage. Period.


Bill Clinton taught em well…Funny how definition of “is” is work on every topic.


Keep in mind that Walmart is on the list.
And also keep in mind that “manager” means nothing these days.


You need to hire more minorities… better yet, give a minority your job and let THEM hire more minorities.